Monday, August 27, 2012

The Threesome Golden Ratio

Warning: the following text is written in the mind of a dumb college kid so if you’re looking for smart, mature and interesting articles go here.


Yes, guys rate girls. We do it all the time almost like breathing. There are many different scales and it varies between cultures, countries, schools, generations and so on. But all will agree the most classic and universal rating system is the 1-10 scale.

Guys know girls rate us but unlike girls, every guy knows more or less where he stands on the scale. Mainly by experience of the girls he dates or “hook up” with along the way.
If a guy constantly goes out with 7-8 girls he knows that’s where he is and he will usually leave the 5’s and 10’s for others.

Don't be a hater
Another (unsurprising) fact about guys is we all espier to share our bed with two women at once during the course of our lifetime at least once. Not an easy task if you found yourself on the outside of the hardcore porn industry.

Most will say it’s a childish mission and they are right. But still we all think about it. Most of us never accomplish it and when we grow up it just adds to the list of stupid things we wanted to do together with driving at 250 km/h on the freeway and a “Mother” tattoo.

If you still feel like you can’t let go of the dream and you won’t give up, the next formula should at least help you wrap your head around it.

The Formula

This formula should not be taken seriously and is not to be viewed as sex guideline.

If you’re one of those guys who can’t let go of this goal you will probably have to make some adjustments to your rating system.

Let’s say you’re an 8’s guy. All your life you had great success with 8’s and from time to time you find yourself with a 9 or a 7. Can you really imagine you will succeed getting nasty with two 8’s?! That’s like 16!! But of course you won’t like to hook up with two 5’s as it’s too obvious.

Introducing the Threesome Golden Ratio:

If Z = your rating (1,10)
And; X,Y = girl’s ratings (1,10)
1.5*Z ≤ X+Y

Example: If you are an 8, the sum of the two girl’s ratings should be 8*1.5=12 or higher. It can be two 6’s or a 7 and a 5. You got the point.

Good luck dudes.

For my final words I’ll just mention that although it seems cool and all, wasting your energy on this kind of shit is stupid. You should be grateful if even one girl chooses to spend any time with you.

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