Saturday, May 28, 2011

The weekly Joe – Lovely package

I have a big issue with packages. Everything I buy seems to be packed very extensively.

A box, inside a smaller box, inside some things wrapped separately in small nylon bags (who makes these??).

Even if I buy an apple in the market it comes in a small box now.

If I had something to do with it you would get your new MacBook wrapped with yesterday paper.

Lovely package is basically a show case for packages done by students and artists. It’s refreshing and shows us good things do come in small packages, Literally.

Have a great week

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Relationships FAQ

This post is written in male form for convenience reasons only.

I had the chance to have many talks regarding relationships lately. It seems to be on everybody’s mind.

As I mentioned before, me and my friends are now turning 30 and it makes us think a lot about how life holds up to our expectations. You might say that during the 6 months before turning 30, guys compensate on all the menstrual cycles they’ve “missed” during their lifetime.

I noticed  the same questions keep popping up whenever we talk about relationships.

In this post I will try my best to answer these questions or at least help you think them from a different angle.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Loopita Bonita lounge chair

Well, the summer has arrived. Yesterday I went out at night wearing shorts and flip-flops on the bike.
The whole city is undressing and the sweet humming of the air conditioner is back on.

Exactly the time to look for some cool garden furniture or, more likely, look for a friend with a garden and cool furniture.

There is no end to “lounge” furniture and stuff. It’s always so much fun and you really can never go wrong. Put a chair in the sun and serve me some cocktails and you’ve got one happy camper.

But this Loopita Bonita lounge chair really takes relaxing to the edge.

First, its name, Loopita Bonita, already makes you want to sit on it.
Second, even when you’re alone it can excuse you from changing your angle according to the sun’s position. Just switch sides.

The chair, designed by Victor M. Aleman, is a beautiful addition to any garden. It’s comfy, great to read, talk, sleep or whatever.

Warning: use it with attractive people only.

So if you have it, call me.

You know what, it’s summer
Call me anyways

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Weekly Joe – The Awesomer

I previously presented myself as an up-beat slang authority. Off course slang is evolving everyday and as hard as I try to keep up with it, I find myself struck and dazzled each time I spend 5 minutes with my younger brother and his friends. I can understand their language but their intentions escape me.

Up until 2 years ago I have never used the word ‘awesome’. I'm not an American but I quickly learned ‘awesome’ comprises about 25% of the American language (the rest 75% is ‘Omygod’).

For you non-Americans, ‘awesome’ basically means: cool, great, lovely, yes, off-course, I love you, I can’t believe what I’m seeing and everything else we consider to be good.

The Awesomer is a website dedicated exactly for those things. There is no one guideline and the only thing in common with all the posts is that they are all… well, awesome.
It posts daily and sourced from all over the web to bring the coolest stuff out there.

Enjoy and have an excellent week

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Flight nightmare

This is not a horror story about a flight where everything went wrong. It is about a regular guy in the 21st century who took a regular flight. Sounds normal? Well it’s not!

Pre flight
Like any common man I arrived at the airport about 2.5 hours before my boarding time so I can check in easily and have some time at the duty free shops where I’ll buy a huge amount of shaving blades.

When I got to the check-in counter, already I saw the flight is packed and I’m the last in line.

Three babies crying their hearts out with an impatient mother that yells at them and a “just shoot me now” look on the ground crew’s faces.

Walking half nude in my socks and get a four hand massage is always awesome.

Duty free
I can’t remember much. After the first perfume sample was sprayed into my eyes it’s all blurry. I think I got shaving blades… or was it nail polish…?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What does the weatherman know?

Morning, I just woke up, not sure if I am dreaming still. Was I dreaming? Something with a jet-ski maybe? It’s gone.
O.k. now I’m up, it is time to start the day.

Right now, in the dark, closed room my mood is completely neutral. I am a bit sad I have to wake up but it’s irrelevant for this feeling follows me around wherever I go. My senses are back and the conscious is beginning to gain control back from the unconscious. 

So here I am, standing in the dark, rubbing my eyes and stretching my arms. Nothing goes through my mind while I prepare for one of the day’s most important events; opening the window.

 The first look outside will determine my initial mood for the day. If it’s a sunny day and I can leave my jacket at home then I'm stoked. But if it’s raining or about to rain my mood drops like a prom queen with herpes.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The weekly Joe – The Selby

So how was your week? Boring? Regular? Same old routine?

One of my favorite past time is walking around looking into apartments just to see how other people live. I can watch a stranger sitting in his living room for an hour.

But just like in any safari trip, the real jackpot is feeding time. It’s comforting to see other people eat dinner in front of the TV also.

Because of this nasty habit I always make sure that if someone looks into my place he will at least be a bit amused.

The Selby was started by a portrait, interiors, and fashion photographer called Todd Selby. It offers a cool view into creative and interesting people’s personal spaces.

In my opinion it is the most visually beautiful site I’ve seen. He doesn’t post very frequently but it’s worth the wait.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Crossroads or “man of science, man of little faith”

A nice thing happened to me the other day.

I left work on my bike and at the first light another girl on a bike stood next to me.

When the light turned green we both went on together until the next light. It didn’t seem strange at first but after four lights, when I noticed she is still with me, it became a game.

Man of science

I love statistics. I see it everywhere and I follow it a lot in my personal life.

I work in a different city then the one I live in, about 8 km from my house.

On the way I pass through another major city and many junctions that lead to high profile locations or highways.

So let’s make it simple. We drove together for the most part of the journey. We even drove together inside my city a few junctions because I was on my way to meet some friends so I changed my usual path that day only.

We drove together 16 junctions. Each time we took the same route. Let’s say 8 of the junctions are T junctions (2 ways to go → 50% chance to go to any direction) and 8 are X junctions (3 ways to go → 33% chance to go to any direction).

I won’t get into the all “some junctions having more gravity then other” issue just for the sake of keeping it simple.

So the probability we stay on the same route after one T junction and one X junction is 15% (0.5*0.3=0.15). Already not a big chance.

To calculate it all real quickly it shows an extremely small chance, if any, for us to drive together for so long (0.58*0.38). Without taking into account leaving work at the same time and reaching together to the light.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The weekly Joe – Style by Kling & Dilbert

This week there’re two cool websites I want to present, simply because each week they produce really cool stuff and it will be a shame if you miss it just because I’m a “post one at a time” hard ass.


Even I know that when it comes to style we have much to learn from the Scandinavian people. I guess peace and quiet really allows you to develop other stuff other than smaller smart bombs.

Elin Kling is a household name in Sweden when it comes to style and fashion. She writes about it for years through her blog STYLE by KLING, her fashion magazine STYLEBY and Swedish TV networks.

Girls maybe knows her by her collaboration with H&M where she is launching her own collection for spring 2011.

For me it is mostly to maintain my crush for her. She acts as a model to a fabulous life and each new post is a “feel good” moment.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Take the blue pill and shut up

Everybody thinks they’re something something. It is embedded in our nature to think we are the center of the world. A quick survey suggests that most of us truly believe a person cease to exist the minute he leaves our sight.

So first allow me to burst your bubble, I am the center of the world. If Lindsay Lohan gets drunk and smashes her car - it is for my entertainment, when Dicaprio has a new film - it is for me to watch, and off course my jumping around in front of the TV effects Wayne Rooney’s game. And don’t even get me started on the Victoria’s Secret show.

So if I am the center of the world and don’t take myself so seriously then neither should you.

I recently came back from vacation and got some heat about my foursquare check-in habits. “Why do you want people to know where you are all the time?” or my favorite “I don’t want apple and Google to follow me and gather information about me”. And you know the “you can take a picture but don’t tag me” guys? They are the best.

Now tell me really, who gives a damn??!!

Why do you think these huge companies or the general society cares what YOU do and where YOU are?

I know that when I use my foursquare check-in it is just, in the worst case scenario, a short line in someone’s Facebook feed that will be forgotten a second later. I really don’t think anyone I know is that into me to follow me around, and the people who do know me can just pick up the phone and I’ll reveal my location without a fight. Foursquare is a cool game for me and that is it (and a potential alibi for the police).

Neo is now the mayor of Eddie's bar

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