Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Joe

As I mentioned, it’s my birthday so excuse me for taking the day off.

A year ago today I went on-line and like any D-list sitcom I give you a re-run of this season before the next one (stand by for the coming reunion episode next month when i really run out of stuff to write about).

So here's a list of my personal favorite posts from the past year (director's cut). If you feel I missed one or have any comments on the selected, feel free to share. 

From Bullet-Trainspotting


Monday, August 29, 2011

The weekly Joe – The Regular Joe (me!!!)

To celebrate my one year birthday, this week’s “weekly Joe” is dedicated to (drum roll please)… me.

 I am in no way implying that the Regular Joe was born a year ago. I track the birth of R.J. to the first time a man woke up on Monday morning to go to work or found things don’t go the way he wanted or that he paid too much on something stupid he will never use.

The main assumption I had in mind while writing the first few words of this blog was:

a. I am not special.
b. I have some things bothering me and I want to say stuff about them.
c. If I am not special and things bother me, there must be some other people out there dealing with the same issues.
d. I am not good looking enough to make it only by my looks.

It’s a great triumph for the R.J. to start something and not quit after a week or two. To hold a commitment for a year without even noticing it is not an everyday thing for me and I learned a lot about myself during that year. If only I could implement the same vigor to other aspects of my life I could have had a Nobel prize, an Oscar, a Tony and best “on screen kiss” award.
Via Flipboard

I had a hard time promoting myself through blog directories or any site who asks you to categorize and sub-categorize yourself. How can a man categorize his thoughts? Sports? Design? World news? Relationships???

 So to round up all the ways you can follow and interacted with the Regular Joe: My Twitter (@theregjoe), FB page (also looks great of Flipboard), Google+, Digg, RSS or just check in here once in a while. Yes I know, I’m all over the place.

So back to business, the Regular Joe basically has no one subject or purpose. It is only a guy who writes ok, not a professional blogger or professional anything for that matter and just publish, and do whatever comes to mind. It’s fun.

Have a great week and may we have a great year.

Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting and thank you for communicating.

To the Regular Joe is the world!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Satirical Art by Parul Kuczynski

I love it when people explain stuff using a cartoon or a drawing. You can cram a year of text book learning into a 7 minutes animation film.

Sometimes I feel there are a lot of things that bother me that I can’t really explain mainly because I am not talented enough as a teacher or a cartoonist.

That is why I love Polish artist Parul Kuczynski’s satirical images series.
It says so much in a simple way

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Weekly Joe - Unhappy Hipsters

The past few years the regular Joe found himself surrounded by hipsters. If you don't know what a hipster is, I'm trying to keep it short and it will take a while to explain, so Bing it (Microsoft is paying me).

I’m a bit too big physically to fit in with the skinny hipster crowd so I never tried. Also I could never pull off suspenders.

The good thing the non-hipsters got from the hipsters community is the new realm of humor we like to call 'making fun of hipsters'.

Unhappy Hipsters is a great tumbler who takes everyday situations and attach a really funny hipster like narration.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Filter This

Taken with mytubo

With the right filter,
even my cubicle looks cool.
It's not cool

Bet the right filter can make that mean old lady from accounting to look like an angel

I really don't know what it means but I do have a point

You just need the right kind of filter
to see it

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life Disrupt

should I have Binged it?

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The weekly Joe – The Brokers with Hands on Their Faces Blog

I had the this week’s Weekly Joe ready for days now but at the last minute I decided to change it so you won’t think the Regular Joe is oblivious to current events

It is no secret the world economy has gone a bit coocoo these past few months and no one really know what’s going on.

It seems every time we fix something or get good news it only leads to a hundred more problems.

I love reading all those analysts saying what should be done or who’s to blame and then go on to say the complete opposite on the next day.  Trusting an analyst is much like trusting the weatherman, it’s all good and well but take an umbrella anyways.

Many people blame wall streeters and bankers for the current situation but we should realize that the economy is made out of us, the people buying and selling stuff and what we are willing to do or give up. In a thousand years when they’ll teach about the economic meltdown of 2018, they will try to understand how people in such bad shape kept living like there is no tomorrow and care mostly about who wore who on the red carpet.

Seeing our “financial supervisors” look with grim face to the red screens has become a more than common sight so when my friend (@stefman) introduced me to this Brokers with Hands on Their Faces Blog I just thought it was the right thing in the right time.  It gives a more human angle to the headlines and my heart goes out to these people who see everything fall in real-time. 

Have a green screens week

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The weekly Joe – Things Organized Neatly

The regular Joe is a neat person or so I try to be. Most of the fights I have with Miss Joe are about order and things laying around the house.  

I still remember my grandfather walking around the house at 4am, straightening the carpets. since then I admire the pursue to neatness in a man

My motto is “an organized desk makes an organized thought” and I never fail to mention it to those who build folder towers in their work place.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Last month I wrote about the historic mistake of handing out driving license to everyone and how it is damaging our lives today.

August, on its hard sun and summer vibe is the right time to mention another social-historical mistake we keep dragging through the generations, monogamy.

Let’s go a few years back to when men roamed the land looking for hunt and shelter. We lived like animals and acted accordingly; each male individual strived to have as many offspring as he can to insure the survival of his blood line and for that he needed to impregnate as many females possible.  The females only wanted to bare the child of the healthiest and most powerful male who will take the best care of her and the child. No exclusivity was expected and self preservation ruled.

"she's just a woman from the office, we always joke around on Facebook"

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