Saturday, December 31, 2011

What's your New Year's Resolution?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beware of Pessimism or F#@king December

So it's December again. Last year I published a top 10 list of things that will not change in 2011 and boy was I right. Nothing changed 10,000 news cycles later. I’m rarely happy about being right. I would much rather watching everything I predicted being disproved one by one.

December is always another proof we are nothing but animals following our primal instincts but instead of migrating to the warmer south looking for food and breading grounds our thoughts go inside looking for comfort and a brighter future (and let’s face it, breading grounds always). For the Regular Joe it's never an easy time but this year in particular. And not because of the stupid TV commercials.

In a sentence, I'm 30 and still waiting for my great thing to happen. That pretty much sums it up. Every year it’s the same repeating sentence. But 2011 brought something new; I'm starting to realize it may never happen

It could be. Many very talented people wait their whole life for this something to come with no relief.  And I am talented. I'm a grade A awesome at almost anything I do. It's just a bunch of wrong turns that brought me to this place I'm having trouble sleeping every night. Yeah… f#@king December.

Q1 Crisis

A while back I wrote about how our life is the most important project we will ever do. According to my life Q1 (0-30 years) report I am not achieving any of the goals I previously projected.

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. I try to make a new resolution every morning as I think every day is important and anything can happen.

If you look at the report you’ll notice I was doing great until somewhere around 2005 when I somehow spiralled out of orbit. Since then I’ve been shooting through space looking for something with enough gravity to pull me back into orbit.

Don’t get me wrong, I regret nothing and I learned from everything I did. I have accumulated more wisdom, knowledge and experience than anyone orbiting the same thing all his life.
But this haunting underachieving feeling is the worst.

All I can say is you are not the only one looking for an orbit and it’s time to create your own gravity force because space is big but not big enough for everyone.

Have a great 2012 and yeah… December…

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Here's Where A Christmas Post Belong

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Infographic – How Happy I am According to Wi-Fi Reception

I've been talking a lot about the influence the digital world has on our everyday life and about our right for happiness and… stuff.

I can talk and complain till kingdom comes (in a non religious way) but I'm a victim just like the average Joe (not to be confused with the Regular Joe).

I recently moved to NYC and was surprised to find out the Wi-Fi availability well… sucks!!

Once I'm surrounded by 2 walls and a window from any direction I have no cell reception not to speak of internet access. I know… America and Africa don't just sound similar.

I found out that while eliminating all other factors effecting my immediate level of content,  those little moon-shaped bars representing Wi-Fi reception has a linear effect on my "happy happy joy joy" level.

I know… too deep to swallow.

To make it easier to understand I made my first ever infographic:


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Friday, December 16, 2011

Everyday Dilemma – Should I Stay at a Job I Hate Just for the CV?

It is not actually an everyday dilemma as much as a dilemma people face every day.

There are 2 major decisions in every man’s life: Who to merry and the choice of occupation.  But it seems there is a difference in the rules between them.

Every time I hear someone express his discontent from his work place, there is always one question that people ask first. “How long have you been working there?”
Any sound man will tell you that quitting a job before you’ve worked in a company for at least a year doesn’t look good on the resume, and that it’s better to suffer a bit more and after a year you may quit. At least you’ll have a year experience on your resume.

Naturally it is never what a person wants to hear. He wants to hear that if he is unhappy than he should quit and find something else that will make him happy.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Playboy, For The Articles - Retro Style

"I read Playboy for the articles" is one of the most worndown, used, corny sayings in the world. It’s been used in every sitcom, comedy,movie and what not.
Truth is Playboy does portrays or dictates in some way the times it lives in.

I must admit I don't always think about how much the world has changed since my childhood years and frankly it's a whole different world now. So when I saw at a flea market the Playboy issue from the month I was born at (June 1981) I knew I had to buy it and not for the nice nudeness of women old enough to be my mother.

Without too much words, check out how much the world has changed through some of the ads from Playboy June 1981:

The old bare shoulder on the cover - classic

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Just Another Friday or Jeans iPad Covers

My first black Friday. People has officially stopped talking about the weather and the conversation only revolves around what deals we're gonna stand in line for.

Readers of my last post must know what I feel about buying huge amounts of crap we don't need.
Many use this day to stock their closets with presents to their loved ones.
I myself check the closet for stuff I don't need anymore and how I might reuse them this holidays season (Occupy and all that).

Jerry Seinfeld said "men wear their underwear until it absolutely disintegrates. Men hang on to underwear until, until each individual underwear molecule is so strained it can barely retain the properties of a solid. It actually becomes underwear vapor."

This is how I feel about old pair of jeans. I never throw them away and keep wearing them around the house regardless of their status or my girlfriend's repeating pleads.  

So instead of throwing them out (not an option) I gave them new life as iPad covers for my friends and family to enjoy.


These iPad covers achieve 2 goals, they are a cool, practically free gifts and my girlfriend won't bother me about my torn clothes clogging the closet.


So how cold was it waiting in line for those Gap shirts?

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I like walking next to pretty girl/celebrity in the street and pretend we're together #urbangames

I like walking next to pretty girl/celebrity in the street and pretend we're together 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bed Bath & Bla Bla Bla

Each time I go to a flea market I get the feeling there's already enough things in the world for everyone to use forever to the point where we can just stop making things.
There's enough chairs, clothes, lamps, pillows, napkins rings, paper, bottles. Just by opening the closets at my grandmother's you know there's enough plates and glasses to cater Armageddon.

In my last post I stated the fact that in order to maintain our current way of life we should either, remove unwanted members from our society or, change some aspects of our life and stop consuming crap.

@Occupy Trend
Basically it is newspapers, TV and media (and French people) who invented something called ''trends''. These ''trends'' is what makes us buy new clothes every season and replace our napkins rings. Trend later give back to the media by buying ads so they can keep making us feel what we have now is bad or ''untrendy''.

From a short ride on the subway and visiting a five floor furniture store I realize none of my suggested solutions won't be applied anytime soon.

That is ok. I too usually have a hard time listening to advice as right and important as it may be.

I realized there is more chance people will try to improve small parts of their lives before grabbing torches and hunting down douchebags.
You can start by looking at the stuff you throw away and think of cool ways to reuse it before sending it to the curve or throwing them out.

For example, instead of buying a stupid 30$ bowl at Crate & Barrel you can use your laundry machine door. As show here at casa del Joe:

Now you have a cool piece, girls will love you, you will be thin and fabulous and the important part, you just saved the world from more trash lying around somewhere.
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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Devil’s Haircut

Just back from my first American haircut. It was so refreshing stepping into a real barber shop.
Where I’m from there’s no barbers anymore. Everybody is a “hair dressers” or “hair designers”. 
Nobody gave me a pre cut head massage and shampoo and I love it. 

So when the barber put this on me I knew I came to the right place.

 Have a great weekend

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Joe's Tumblr


Did I mention I opened a Regular Joe Tumblr? Don’t think I did..

So this is my Tumblr. I use it mostly to follow some cool people like:

I Luv Skinny Bitches, I Lick Old People, Meta This, Eco-Soul, The Awesome Blog, EIKNARF, Male Minded, Push The Movement and more (go check, I’m not working for you).


So if you have a Tumblr account just follow me and you get a lot of cool stuff in one package.

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So this is was also the long missing Weekly Joe on steroids.

Have a fantastic weekend y'all


Friday, November 11, 2011

7,000,000,000 and counting back

Last Halloween it was announced the word human population has surpassed the 7 billion people line.
For long it is being discussed that in the current rate of population growth we will not be able to support ourselves for much longer. Limited resources you know.
So as I and many see things, there are 2 main contingencies: either we completely change our way of life to a more sustainable one or, as it happened many times before, we need to bring our species back to a more reasonable number.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

@ The 6 Train

@ the 6 train

Friday, November 4, 2011

Have Some Self Awareness

So, as I’m sitting at the gate waiting for my flight to take me to NYC after my weeklong visit to Barcelona, I decided to sharpen my knowledge on U.S. current affairs so I’ll be up to date and know what’s going on at my next destination (always a good idea).
There is no better way to get a flash “what’s up 101” course than to read the business section. It is known worldwide American banks are not the most popular right now and I was just finishing reading this post on business insider explaining why Bank of America is probably the most hated organization nationwide for chasing away customers who tried to close their accounts in protest, debit cards fees, foreclosing on active duty troops and extreme layoffs among others.
Just add all this to the general anti-bankers atmosphere in the U.S, right now and imagine my surprise when I lifted my eyes from the article and caught a glimpse at this guy or more accurately, his bag…

Please forgive the pic quality. I was after a night of Halloween party and it looked alright when I took it.
Not only he walks around with his B of A bag but it says “Home Loans”!!! These guys are the worst right??!!
I mean, have you heard about Occupy Wall-Street? These guys would love your bag.
So that’s my wakeup call before America. Storm troopers walk around with matching bags here.
Sounds like The Regular Joe can find his place here.
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Basically It’s Your Fault

I was always big on excuses. It is never my fault and I always know how to turn the heat around or convince in my innocents.
So I know I haven’t posted in a while but here are some excuses:
· I quitted my job so I was really happy for a week and happiness is bad for the writing and inspiration business
· I left my apartment so I had to pack / find who wants to take all my stuff
· I moved in with my parents where I became the IT/maintenance guy
· I had to disconnect from my mobile, TV, gas, water, network, cables providers which took a lot of energy and led to several mental breakdowns.
· Did I mention I moved in with my parents? (I’m 30 !!!)
· I had to pack all my stuff again for I’m leaving to New York
· Right now I’m in Barcelona and the Europeans has no public Wi-Fi anywhere
· So stop pressuring me cause it’s your pressure that keeps me from posting
· It’s all your fault
I love this character feature I have. Hope this change in my life won’t affect it.
As soon as I settle in NYC I’ll get back.
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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Cubical 007 or Tips For The Office “Nosy Parker”

call me on my extension

Information is power. No, this is not a CIA briefing but a simple set of tools to help you stay in touch with the “office current events”.

Most of us go to work with the sole purpose of surviving and make it through the week. For this you need to know what to expect. I was always a big fan of perfect information and minimizing the surprise factor.

We all know what a simple CV sent to HR can mean or a mail about a coming project needs to be done.
I recently left my job which concludes 5 years in a cubical. Everything here was written by blood and experience.

So, when it comes to “beating the punch” apply these rules and you are sure to have little surprises.

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Slang III

This week was all about the new Facebook changes. People just didn’t stop talking about it. Mostly complaining about the changes and demanding to bring back the “old” design.  What they tend to forget is that the old design was heavily protested against much like the one before that and the one before that.

We like to consider ourselves as open minded and fast paced individuals but as a society we are slow to embrace any change.

I love learning things that are completely new or reintroduce to stuff I haven’t experienced in while. For this feeling of liking something new I started using an expression, again taken from the 2.0 world.

Add to dictionary
That one makes you look fat

Marisa Miller - maybe instead of taking vanilla again you’ll try another flavor? They have this great new pizza flavored ice-cream. All models eat it all the time.

Joe – I’m tired of you trying to change me all the time and we’ll talk about it later. For now I’ll try the pizza ice cream.

Marisa Miller – so…? What do think? Like?

Joe –Add To Dictionary. It’s brilliant!

Marisa miller – so what did you want to talk about?

Joe – forget it. Let’s go buy you a swimsuit.
 Add to dictionary is used to describe something you would like to add to your “frequently used” experiences. You can start by adding it to your dictionary.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Weekly Joe – Meta This

If you’ve been following “The Weekly Joe” from the start than you should have a pretty basic and cool RSS feed bringing you the coolest and most fresh stuff every day.

Last time I started talking about this type of blogs called “curators” which, in simple form, make sure that between all the articles, posts and current events, our RSS feed has some cool stuff coming here and there.

Meta This is exactly that, it makes me think and feel stuff that I would never have sitting in my cubical. 

Do you know of other cool dudes out there doing the same thing? Let me know.
Have a great week y’all
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

If this is your child - You Suck

Yesterday I went to visit my friend's wife in the park. She was there with their baby boy and asked if I want to drop by on my way home. As I know these kids grow too fast for me to miss it, I joyfully went.
Among the many kids in the playground, there was this cute 2.5-3 years old girl that looks exactly like my girlfriend did when she was that age (just to be clear she'll be 27 next week). All I wanted to do was to go and tell her parents their girl is beautiful and ask to take a picture so I can send my girlfriend. She would have loved it. But I couldn't and I didn’t. 
Can you imagine what would happen if I went and tell her parents they have a beautiful girl and asked to take her picture?! They would have called the cops on my ass right after the dad would kick my balls.

That's when I realized the world really sucks. I always knew it sucked but now I know it really sucks.

If this is your child - You Suck !

So all of you parents who let their girls model from the age of 9, and you photographers who shoots them and you mothers who buy high heels to a 3 years old (you know who I’m talking about) – you suck.

And your little girl is just cute.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Cool Nature Stuff - Colored Ants

After the last post I got an appetite for some nature and the outdoors. We keep deal with our everyday issues and we forget there's a whole world out there much more interesting than who slept with who or fights of our next door neighbor.

So if you don't mind I would like to post some "out of the fluorescent light" posts about cool nature stuff. I'm not going PBS on you so I'll try to really keep it cool.

Check out this now,

Thanks to its transparent abdomen, it is possible to see the color of the ant's last meal. Usually they eat things made of boring colors (including my emergency chocolate)  but look what happens when they are given a rainbow snack:

Cool right?
If the Regular Joe was an ant I'll have a nacho colored stomach all day.
What color would your stomach have?

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My brother took this picture a few days ago

My brother took this crazy picture a few days ago during a fishing trip
the whale just came out from nowhere
Thought you'd like it

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Weekly Joe – Push the Movement

In recent years we are witnessing a new kind of blogging called “curators”.
These guys know that no one can ever handle seeing all the cool things this world has to offer so they work for us to gather them into one place, usually with a dominant theme, for us to enjoy.

Tumblr has really helped to take it to the next level so in the coming weeks I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite curator’s blogs.

Push the Movement is definitely one of my favorites. Sometimes I just turn off my brain and let the images run in front of me. The Regular Joe loves to be woken up by some kind of stimulation. most of the time i'm just semi-sleeping (until it's time to go to sleep)

What is unique about Push the Movement are the sentences he posts here and there. I already spoke of my love for words and there are not many things that moves me like a well written sentence which says more than a 100 pages ever could.

If you want to see my attempts to write a good short sentence, check it out here.

Have a great week 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mashable Comics

Now that the whole Birthday craze dust has settled, time to get back to what really matters – making fun of the world around us.

I keep saying this is not a tech blog and it isn’t but it’s impossible to ignore the effect technology has on almost every aspect of our everyday lives.

Mashable, usually a very serious tech blog, posts these really funny comics giving the tech and on-line world the humorous twist it deserves.

How is the old saying goes, “it’s funny because it’s true” 

Here are my favorites or you can check out the full portfolio here

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Joe

As I mentioned, it’s my birthday so excuse me for taking the day off.

A year ago today I went on-line and like any D-list sitcom I give you a re-run of this season before the next one (stand by for the coming reunion episode next month when i really run out of stuff to write about).

So here's a list of my personal favorite posts from the past year (director's cut). If you feel I missed one or have any comments on the selected, feel free to share. 

From Bullet-Trainspotting


Monday, August 29, 2011

The weekly Joe – The Regular Joe (me!!!)

To celebrate my one year birthday, this week’s “weekly Joe” is dedicated to (drum roll please)… me.

 I am in no way implying that the Regular Joe was born a year ago. I track the birth of R.J. to the first time a man woke up on Monday morning to go to work or found things don’t go the way he wanted or that he paid too much on something stupid he will never use.

The main assumption I had in mind while writing the first few words of this blog was:

a. I am not special.
b. I have some things bothering me and I want to say stuff about them.
c. If I am not special and things bother me, there must be some other people out there dealing with the same issues.
d. I am not good looking enough to make it only by my looks.

It’s a great triumph for the R.J. to start something and not quit after a week or two. To hold a commitment for a year without even noticing it is not an everyday thing for me and I learned a lot about myself during that year. If only I could implement the same vigor to other aspects of my life I could have had a Nobel prize, an Oscar, a Tony and best “on screen kiss” award.
Via Flipboard

I had a hard time promoting myself through blog directories or any site who asks you to categorize and sub-categorize yourself. How can a man categorize his thoughts? Sports? Design? World news? Relationships???

 So to round up all the ways you can follow and interacted with the Regular Joe: My Twitter (@theregjoe), FB page (also looks great of Flipboard), Google+, Digg, RSS or just check in here once in a while. Yes I know, I’m all over the place.

So back to business, the Regular Joe basically has no one subject or purpose. It is only a guy who writes ok, not a professional blogger or professional anything for that matter and just publish, and do whatever comes to mind. It’s fun.

Have a great week and may we have a great year.

Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting and thank you for communicating.

To the Regular Joe is the world!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Satirical Art by Parul Kuczynski

I love it when people explain stuff using a cartoon or a drawing. You can cram a year of text book learning into a 7 minutes animation film.

Sometimes I feel there are a lot of things that bother me that I can’t really explain mainly because I am not talented enough as a teacher or a cartoonist.

That is why I love Polish artist Parul Kuczynski’s satirical images series.
It says so much in a simple way

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Weekly Joe - Unhappy Hipsters

The past few years the regular Joe found himself surrounded by hipsters. If you don't know what a hipster is, I'm trying to keep it short and it will take a while to explain, so Bing it (Microsoft is paying me).

I’m a bit too big physically to fit in with the skinny hipster crowd so I never tried. Also I could never pull off suspenders.

The good thing the non-hipsters got from the hipsters community is the new realm of humor we like to call 'making fun of hipsters'.

Unhappy Hipsters is a great tumbler who takes everyday situations and attach a really funny hipster like narration.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Filter This

Taken with mytubo

With the right filter,
even my cubicle looks cool.
It's not cool

Bet the right filter can make that mean old lady from accounting to look like an angel

I really don't know what it means but I do have a point

You just need the right kind of filter
to see it

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life Disrupt

should I have Binged it?

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The weekly Joe – The Brokers with Hands on Their Faces Blog

I had the this week’s Weekly Joe ready for days now but at the last minute I decided to change it so you won’t think the Regular Joe is oblivious to current events

It is no secret the world economy has gone a bit coocoo these past few months and no one really know what’s going on.

It seems every time we fix something or get good news it only leads to a hundred more problems.

I love reading all those analysts saying what should be done or who’s to blame and then go on to say the complete opposite on the next day.  Trusting an analyst is much like trusting the weatherman, it’s all good and well but take an umbrella anyways.

Many people blame wall streeters and bankers for the current situation but we should realize that the economy is made out of us, the people buying and selling stuff and what we are willing to do or give up. In a thousand years when they’ll teach about the economic meltdown of 2018, they will try to understand how people in such bad shape kept living like there is no tomorrow and care mostly about who wore who on the red carpet.

Seeing our “financial supervisors” look with grim face to the red screens has become a more than common sight so when my friend (@stefman) introduced me to this Brokers with Hands on Their Faces Blog I just thought it was the right thing in the right time.  It gives a more human angle to the headlines and my heart goes out to these people who see everything fall in real-time. 

Have a green screens week

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The weekly Joe – Things Organized Neatly

The regular Joe is a neat person or so I try to be. Most of the fights I have with Miss Joe are about order and things laying around the house.  

I still remember my grandfather walking around the house at 4am, straightening the carpets. since then I admire the pursue to neatness in a man

My motto is “an organized desk makes an organized thought” and I never fail to mention it to those who build folder towers in their work place.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Last month I wrote about the historic mistake of handing out driving license to everyone and how it is damaging our lives today.

August, on its hard sun and summer vibe is the right time to mention another social-historical mistake we keep dragging through the generations, monogamy.

Let’s go a few years back to when men roamed the land looking for hunt and shelter. We lived like animals and acted accordingly; each male individual strived to have as many offspring as he can to insure the survival of his blood line and for that he needed to impregnate as many females possible.  The females only wanted to bare the child of the healthiest and most powerful male who will take the best care of her and the child. No exclusivity was expected and self preservation ruled.

"she's just a woman from the office, we always joke around on Facebook"

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The weekly Joe – Glassdoor

Each and every one of us is constantly worried about his career. It is very rare to find someone who is absolutely pleased with his current occupation, status, salary or general work vibe.  We carry around this Jerry Mguire feeling that something is not right but usually nothing happens.

The regular Joe himself is in a bit of a crossroad in his professional life and is trying to have the nerve to take the plunge (NASA this is your chance – I have steady hands and I never get sick)

From a quick look up through my LinkedIn connections list, I know a lot of very successful people which hold, what can only be called, dream positions in well respected companies. But still, if you scroll down just enough, you get to this section where each user tells us his interests and there I always come across these lines: Interested in: career opportunities, Job inquiries.

Why would these people want to hear about career opportunities when they have a job I would kill for?

I previously compared between job interviews and first dates and now I would like to deepen the connection. Just as we always look at other women (and men) even when in a happy relationship, the same goes for jobs. Everybody thinks everybody else got a better deal and we are afraid to miss out.

We use social networks to bring some order to the mess and find as much information as we can about people we are interested in and then prioritize them by our criteria. The same goes for houses in real estate websites and now we have Glassdoor for our career.

This community is a complete information tool for anyone who is thinking about a career change, looking for a job, move up, go down or is just interested in how much money each of his friends is making.

It has job listings, interview tips by sectors, company reviews, office pictures and much more.

So before your trip to HR, try it

Have a life changing week you all

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The regular Joy – Nothing Pro

My name is Joe and I’m an Android user. I’m proud of it and in this post I will demonstrate why Android users are way cooler than the rest.

An app developer named Nir Yaniv has published a 0.99$ Android app called Nothing. It does nothing really.

But that wasn’t enough for him. Recently he issued the Nothing Pro for 9.90$. I can tell you about it but it is written so well in the app store so I’ll just quote it:

App screenshot
This is a PRO version of our NOTHING application! It is lighter in size, easier on both the memory and the CPU, and it does Nothing way more smoothly and efficiently than the regular consumer version.
Why nothing, then? Well, how many times have you paid nothing and got something back? Now we offer you a unique opportunity: pay something and get Nothing back! 

This application does absolutely Nothing. By purchasing it you will help us prove that Nothing is indeed worth Something. And with Nothing Pro, you prove that Nothing is worth even MORE!

It requires Android version of 2.2 and up.

Oh man, It cracks me up every time I read it

Now funny aside, I do believe there’s a deeper meaning that gets lost in all the humor. Just today I spoke about the fact that I’m surrounded by screens all day long.  I’m in front of the PC screen at work, when I take a break I’m playing with my phone, when I get home I’m back in front the computer or TV and to bed I take my blond iPad (it’s white but I treat it like it's blond).
So I would gladly pay to make one of these screens stop beaming info and images to my head for a few minutes for it seems I'm not strong enough to shut it on my own. Wouldn't you?

yes I know the irony of you reading it now on a screen but that's OK.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Marketing 101 or sweet Monday

Where I work (a marketing department I might add) we have a small tradition called “sweet Monday”. Every Monday someone has to bring a cake, preferably homemade, so we can start the week in a cheerful way.  Off course it never works and all it gives us is a temporary sugar rush to make it through those rough hours between 09:00 and 11:00.

The regular Joe is pretty handy in the kitchen but I never got around to baking so whenever it’s my turn I get a chocolate cake from this great place and it’s always seems like it’s homemade.

Off course once you place the cake in the cafeteria accompanied by a knife and some napkins, the race is on. The shame of a cake not finished by the end of the day is unbarring if you consider the fact that apart of myself it’s an all girls floor and always at least 2 of them are pregnant so there is no excuse for leftovers.

I placed the cake at about 09:00 and all went well up until 12:00 when everybody left for lunch. I expected the after lunch sugar craving would do the trick but for some reason the cake eating came to a halt.

I knew I had to do something but I didn’t know what. It was 14:00 and nobody touched the cake for 3 hours now.  I channeled all my efforts to come up with a way to bring people back to my cake. Than it hits me! I need to make WOMEN eat the cake!

The regular Joe is not a women expert but he knows one thing; women can’t see an un-even slice and not “straighten” it. It’s embedded in the female DNA.

So, I just started removing small pieces of cake un-evenly and behold, a few minutes later it was even again. You can only imagine it wasn’t long before the last piece was “straighten”.

The moral of the story? I think it’s pretty obvious. I’m a genius. Oh yeah, and there is always a way to get what you want or something like that.

So have a sweet Monday all and remember, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The weekly Joe – All That Is Interesting


Like the next guy I love bringing down douche bags in a conversation. Mainly it means let them speak about things they know nothing about for an hour and then silence them with 2 words showing what a waste of time it was to listen to them. But that’s just me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The regular joy – I pity the fool

I might not sit on a yacht in the Riviera but I do take pleasure from the simple things people do.

I thank you  

Monday, July 18, 2011

The weekly Joe – the Sartorialist

I wish I could dress better. Dressing in a more unique and cool way was always one of my greatest desires.  But I never did. I have a pretty solid dress code and it stays the same as years go by.

The truth of the matter is I just can’t pull it off.  I’m tall, wide and the last thing you can say about me is that I have a gentle physic.

I make up for it by being a cool dude all around and try to surround myself with stylish people.

The Sartorialist executes brilliantly the simplest idea we all thought about at least once. It goes around NYC, Milan and Paris to find the best dressed and stylish people on the street. It’s very refreshing seeing real people and not some models posing on a cardboard coconut tree.

It posts regularly and it’s a really nice moment of the day seeing a cool person act in a cool way. Makes you think about your next party attire.

So you there with the vintage sandals, say cheese!

Have a stylish week all

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