Friday, September 23, 2011

New Slang III

This week was all about the new Facebook changes. People just didn’t stop talking about it. Mostly complaining about the changes and demanding to bring back the “old” design.  What they tend to forget is that the old design was heavily protested against much like the one before that and the one before that.

We like to consider ourselves as open minded and fast paced individuals but as a society we are slow to embrace any change.

I love learning things that are completely new or reintroduce to stuff I haven’t experienced in while. For this feeling of liking something new I started using an expression, again taken from the 2.0 world.

Add to dictionary
That one makes you look fat

Marisa Miller - maybe instead of taking vanilla again you’ll try another flavor? They have this great new pizza flavored ice-cream. All models eat it all the time.

Joe – I’m tired of you trying to change me all the time and we’ll talk about it later. For now I’ll try the pizza ice cream.

Marisa Miller – so…? What do think? Like?

Joe –Add To Dictionary. It’s brilliant!

Marisa miller – so what did you want to talk about?

Joe – forget it. Let’s go buy you a swimsuit.
 Add to dictionary is used to describe something you would like to add to your “frequently used” experiences. You can start by adding it to your dictionary.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Weekly Joe – Meta This

If you’ve been following “The Weekly Joe” from the start than you should have a pretty basic and cool RSS feed bringing you the coolest and most fresh stuff every day.

Last time I started talking about this type of blogs called “curators” which, in simple form, make sure that between all the articles, posts and current events, our RSS feed has some cool stuff coming here and there.

Meta This is exactly that, it makes me think and feel stuff that I would never have sitting in my cubical. 

Do you know of other cool dudes out there doing the same thing? Let me know.
Have a great week y’all
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

If this is your child - You Suck

Yesterday I went to visit my friend's wife in the park. She was there with their baby boy and asked if I want to drop by on my way home. As I know these kids grow too fast for me to miss it, I joyfully went.
Among the many kids in the playground, there was this cute 2.5-3 years old girl that looks exactly like my girlfriend did when she was that age (just to be clear she'll be 27 next week). All I wanted to do was to go and tell her parents their girl is beautiful and ask to take a picture so I can send my girlfriend. She would have loved it. But I couldn't and I didn’t. 
Can you imagine what would happen if I went and tell her parents they have a beautiful girl and asked to take her picture?! They would have called the cops on my ass right after the dad would kick my balls.

That's when I realized the world really sucks. I always knew it sucked but now I know it really sucks.

If this is your child - You Suck !

So all of you parents who let their girls model from the age of 9, and you photographers who shoots them and you mothers who buy high heels to a 3 years old (you know who I’m talking about) – you suck.

And your little girl is just cute.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Cool Nature Stuff - Colored Ants

After the last post I got an appetite for some nature and the outdoors. We keep deal with our everyday issues and we forget there's a whole world out there much more interesting than who slept with who or fights of our next door neighbor.

So if you don't mind I would like to post some "out of the fluorescent light" posts about cool nature stuff. I'm not going PBS on you so I'll try to really keep it cool.

Check out this now,

Thanks to its transparent abdomen, it is possible to see the color of the ant's last meal. Usually they eat things made of boring colors (including my emergency chocolate)  but look what happens when they are given a rainbow snack:

Cool right?
If the Regular Joe was an ant I'll have a nacho colored stomach all day.
What color would your stomach have?

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My brother took this picture a few days ago

My brother took this crazy picture a few days ago during a fishing trip
the whale just came out from nowhere
Thought you'd like it

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Weekly Joe – Push the Movement

In recent years we are witnessing a new kind of blogging called “curators”.
These guys know that no one can ever handle seeing all the cool things this world has to offer so they work for us to gather them into one place, usually with a dominant theme, for us to enjoy.

Tumblr has really helped to take it to the next level so in the coming weeks I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite curator’s blogs.

Push the Movement is definitely one of my favorites. Sometimes I just turn off my brain and let the images run in front of me. The Regular Joe loves to be woken up by some kind of stimulation. most of the time i'm just semi-sleeping (until it's time to go to sleep)

What is unique about Push the Movement are the sentences he posts here and there. I already spoke of my love for words and there are not many things that moves me like a well written sentence which says more than a 100 pages ever could.

If you want to see my attempts to write a good short sentence, check it out here.

Have a great week 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mashable Comics

Now that the whole Birthday craze dust has settled, time to get back to what really matters – making fun of the world around us.

I keep saying this is not a tech blog and it isn’t but it’s impossible to ignore the effect technology has on almost every aspect of our everyday lives.

Mashable, usually a very serious tech blog, posts these really funny comics giving the tech and on-line world the humorous twist it deserves.

How is the old saying goes, “it’s funny because it’s true” 

Here are my favorites or you can check out the full portfolio here

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