Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Entrepreneurship / Entrepreneurshit

I am the greatest entrepreneur in the world.

No, it’s true I am. Every day I think of an idea that can fix the world in 5 simple steps. Save the world and make a billion dollars.

So yeah, I’m the perfect business man, idea person, overall brilliant you would ever meet.

Everybody wants to be an Entrepreneur. Nobody wants to make it in Hollywood anymore. The dream is to make it on TechCrunch and dine with the president in Silicon Valley.
We all have brilliant, million dollar ideas every day.  We got it all figured out on our way to the top of the world.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Why should I care about future generations? What have they ever done for me?"

"Why should I care about future generations? What have they ever done for me?" — Groucho Marx

The Weekly Joe - BuzzFeed

Warning: do not pass this post to your mom.

I already stated my opinion about the whole “web lingo” surrounding us lately like “Viral is good” or “I like the Tibetan monks protest”.
Unfortunately it didn’t go viral like I planned (reverse psychology fail).

It’s very common to open your inbox to find a few dozen mails from your mom, friends, grandmother, boss, co-workers and others you just gave them your mail years ago, with various pictures of cats, Lady Gaga parodies or jokes written in huge fonts. 

You can never prepare for the moment when you get a “nip-slip” clip from your mom.

Consider the last 2 paragraphs a warning for what I about to introduce you to is a “forwarders” heaven.
BuzzFeed is basically a curator of all things going, about to go or should go viral on the web.

Just clean up real good before, it’s viral.

Have a great week

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Tweet your everyday problems to the @theregjoe

 Tweet your everyday problems to the @theregjoe

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Picture of me and my girlfriend on our last vacation

I know, I know... don't worry it's only vacation weight.
can you recognize the location?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The weekly Joe – WebUrbanist

The regular Joe spent his whole life living at one of this world’s greatest cities. I love the urban life and I breathe them lunge full.

A city is like a living organism. It has character, it needs to feed, breath. 
It learns, sometime the hard way.
And like every living thing it likes to look great, decorate, stay healthy and go crazy.

WebUrbanist celebrates just that, all the great things the urban playground has to offer. It covers the coolest architecture, art, graffiti and more. For you treehugers try WebEcoist who covers the blessed sustainable urban living.

check it out

Have a great weekend 

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Losing time or losing the war on time

Coffee break
Last week, as I was walking to my long awaited 16:00 pm coffee break with my cubi-neighbor (cubicle neighbor), I expressed a restrained joy about the coming weekend.
Joe: “I can’t believe it is Thursday already. The week just flew by. Oh joy oh joy”
She: “yeah it’s great!!... Doesn’t it seem weird to you we are happy about time passing while actually we should want every day to last as long as possible? Time is precious no?''
After she said that I went on as usual and just laughed at her question and her outfit but I can’t seem to stop thinking about it since.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The weekly Joe – Similar Sites

Similar Sites is not a cool design blog or a funny web site but it is one of the most useful tools out there.

Its purpose is to help us find search results based on content match instead of popularity.

I use it basically to find stuff similar to the stuff I like. It makes it really easy.

For example; if I love The Selby and want to find more content of the kind, I just enter The Selby’s URL and receive a list of web sites I should probably check out.

I guess I should have mentioned it before I started the “weekly Joe” bit but it’s better later than never.

Try it

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The weekly Joe – Business Insider

If your name is Warren Buffet or Donald Trump this post is not for you. Actually Donald, you should read this.

The world is a mess for the past few years (for the past 8,000 years to be exact). Since the 2008 crisis I can never be sure if we are doing good or bad. The unemployment is up but the GOP is rising, the stocks are crashing but energy ETFs are on the rise, everybody say this is the year for commodities and everybody say it’s the year it will crash.

So no one really knows what is going on or what will happen. Big surprise. 

What I love about Business Insider is that it processes all this information into readable, easy going articles. It’s maybe not the top business blog out there but it is definitely ranks in the top 10 on my list.

Its uniqueness lays on its simple language, its wide range coverage, the balance between quick updates and in-depth analysis and the great articles they aggregate from top tech, finance and politics writers.

Amid all the heavy and serious topics you can always count on posts like “Tech flops of 2011” or “America wildest party hotels”. Useful stuff.

So, if you feel like coming prepared to your next dinner party just read “10 things you need to know this morning” but if you want to make your investment manager know you are not just an ignorant patsy (although you are probably are) you may catch up on the Greece crisis or the Chinese rise and fall.

So get to business!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dual Shower head

June!!! My good friend, Good to have you here. Oh I’ve waited long time for you to come. The summer, the beach, the surf, the daiquiris, the clothes, the fruits, sunglasses, colors, minimum clothing and an overall good feeling.

Of course nothing comes without a price attached. With the summer comes the heat (oh the heat!), sweat, sand stuck in each body crack from the beach, sticky fingers and the seafood market smell in your car.

There is no question showers are doubling their importance come summer time. So what can be better than doubling your shower power or, the way the tech world likes to call it, Dual Shower Power (marketing 101).

I love to get as many things done in the shower; shave, brush my teeth, wash my wetsuit and much more. Usually the regular shower head can’t answer my needs and it always makes me to choose how to use the water flow (as much as I love to couple-shower I always end up freezing in the corner while my girlfriend takes forever to wash her hair). I find myself putting it between my legs (as pleasant as it is) just to soap myself for a minute. Very not 21st century.

The In2ition shower, designed by Manki Yoo, is the ultimate solution. It has 2 basic positions; merged in the center for a strong drench or, for the shower multitaskers, the center detaches and allows you to treat yourself more specifically.

This is not Amazon or anything but you can get it here

So grab a towel and go wash yourself stinky. 

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