Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Call For Action: The Language Gap or Eat and Shut Up

I’ve being thinking about this post for a long time but my belief in the urgency of the matter made me wait for I think this should be discussed at a higher level or by a much more influential media than myself. I thought someone would pick up the torch and I could follow him. But it didn’t happen. Everybody just go around like there is nothing missing. So again it is up to the Regular Joe to deal with what really matters to us.

Although I’m not a native English speaker (as some of you saw fit to point out to me), English is still a language used by many. Any time a German, a French and a Zulu will sit down for lunch most likely they will talk in English. I love English and the decision to write in English was not just for popularity reasons. I find it easier sometimes to express myself in English thanks to its rich vocabulary (171,460 words more or less).

Also you can say the American culture, although some might say absent, has a great influence on all of us like it or not.

So how does a rich culture with such a beautiful language lack one important thing?

I’ll use an example: recently I had the pleasure to spend a few months in NYC. During that short time I went out to countless dinners sucking the city of its food supply. Every time I encountered with the problem of greeting my company before we start with all the eating.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


There’s a phenomena I encountered as a young man when me and my friends became 16 in the mid 90’s. It was later given the name “Babeiation”.

Basically it means this; when a group of man hang out together, and it can be at home, a bar, a plane, a sinking boat, a hostage situation or basically any other forum, they are acting in a certain way.  It varies by culture, group, connections and types but let’s just call it “behavior Y”.
Once a female presents herself to the group, behavior Y ceases to exist and is replaced by what we call “behavior YX”.
 There is no way a male group will keep up with the same behavior with or without a female present.

“I always eat pizza with a knife and fork”

You can see it at home when some guys are watching football and act in a loose, free, no thought, and no filter manner until a girl walks in.
even if unnoticeable, each one of the group will change  his behavior in that instant. Some more than others but that is not the point. Even if each guy changes his behavior just by slight the ripples go long. The group is not the same. Even if it’s a girl they know forever and is married to their best friend.

Yeah, Ruling the world is soooooo hard!!
think she heard me?
Babeiation has different levels off course. The last example showed the mildest situation known. Think about the last time you went to the beach or a club with your friends and were surrounded by women. Did everyone act regularly? Didn’t you change even a bit the way you normally walk, talk or eat? Were you not more aware of yourself and the surroundings?

The level of Babeiation is determent by 4 factors:
  • Volume – how many women are around you in a 10m radius?
  • Intimacy – how close are you with the women? In the same table? Same plane? Waiting room? Club?
  • Looks & attraction – how you find these women? Attractive? Good looking? In theory, when a group/male find his surrounding to be unattractive the Babeiation will be eliminated completely. Such a case never been measured yet.
  • Coolness – How cool are you? Are your friends cool enough to hide the effect Babeiation has on them?

Cause & Effect

Why is this important to understand?
For guys it is important for personal and social reasons; personal reason of being aware to Babeiation can help you catch yourself on time and minimize its effect.  Social reason to help you figure out why your friends are starting to act like total morons all of a sudden.

Girls need to know about it for successfully assessing their effect on a guy or a group of guys. Does everyone around you walk straight, in slow motion and eating without using their hands? You made an effect. 

Dark Matter

We now know that most of the matter in the universe is dark matter. We cannot see it but we know it’s there by the effect it has on planets, orbits and everything out there. 

You don’t have to be a scientist to know women have physical and psychological power over men. Even if we still don’t completely understand it we need to keep measurements and documentation.   

So if you see your usually idiot, XBOX freak best friend sitting beneath a tree reading a book, you better stand up straight and tuck in your belly – there’s a babe around.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Airlines Logic or 1+1≠2

I love reading science and tech papers. People are doing amazing things all over the world; Reaching the speed of light, making fuel of droppings and bananas ,educating the developing world and much more. Just when I think we are making some kind of progress as a species I get to fly.

I did encountered a new phenomena in this trip though. 

After the tempetures continued to drop at NYC I decided to move myself to warmer grounds. I packed most of my worldly belongings in one suitcase so I knew it was heavy and was prepared to pay the overweight with a sense of understanding.
But when the ground crew lady calmly told me I need to pay 400$ for my overweight I was sure it's a joke. The flight ticket cost less then that.

Now get this, there was option B. the ground crew suggested I'll buy another bag, move some weight around and then just pay 40$ for a second bag..
That's how I felt..
Confused.. 1+1=40 and 2=400 ?

I fight with weight all my life and from summer to summer but I was never more aware of my overweight like in that moment.

One bag with overweight is 400$ and 2 bags with the same total weight is 40$??!!

I just need an answer. Some reason that brings some sense to this crazy parallel universe called airlines.
Please, I beg of you, if you know anyone in the airline business, a pilot, a flight attendant, someone.. Pass this post to them.

One last thought. Don't buy an apartment, don't go to college, don't get vaccines. Just save for a privet jet. My new must have item for the free man.

"Look at me now Continental !"

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