Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Call For Action: The Language Gap or Eat and Shut Up

I’ve being thinking about this post for a long time but my belief in the urgency of the matter made me wait for I think this should be discussed at a higher level or by a much more influential media than myself. I thought someone would pick up the torch and I could follow him. But it didn’t happen. Everybody just go around like there is nothing missing. So again it is up to the Regular Joe to deal with what really matters to us.

Although I’m not a native English speaker (as some of you saw fit to point out to me), English is still a language used by many. Any time a German, a French and a Zulu will sit down for lunch most likely they will talk in English. I love English and the decision to write in English was not just for popularity reasons. I find it easier sometimes to express myself in English thanks to its rich vocabulary (171,460 words more or less).

Also you can say the American culture, although some might say absent, has a great influence on all of us like it or not.

So how does a rich culture with such a beautiful language lack one important thing?

I’ll use an example: recently I had the pleasure to spend a few months in NYC. During that short time I went out to countless dinners sucking the city of its food supply. Every time I encountered with the problem of greeting my company before we start with all the eating.

May You Have a Delicious Meal

How the hell am I supposed to wish “Bon Appétit” to the English speaking people in the table??!! I don’t know of any other language in the world missing that part. Do you?

When searching “bon appétit” in English you get the following results: Tuck in, Get stuck in, Eat already, Enjoy, Enjoy your meal, Happy eating, Get your laughing gear round this, Down the hatch, This looks nice…
Really?? Are you happy with THAT?

You have 50 words for hotdogs and not one for that?

Here is where I can start a long discussion about the social meanings it points out to but why waste time on passing judgment on hungry people who just want to eat peacefully.

You want to control the world but you don’t have a decent word for it? Is democracy and freedom got in the way? Or was it the Kardashians?

Are you going to let the French win this one?!?

Yes We Can Greet!

I’ve being following the presidential race taking place in the US and all candidates promise this and that but no one of them wish to solve that awkward moment before eating.

So when the government fails the people should take matters to their own hands.
I here declare the initiative to find the English food greeting!

Submit your suggestions and there will be a vote (you love those right?) in a few weeks.
By then I wish you all Thokoleza ukudla (that’s in Zulu)

I thought of a few just to kick start it: Good Munch, Chews, Rub a Dub Dub, Digest-well (contributed by a lovely group of teachers on a bachelorette party so they know what they’re talking about)

Here is your chance to contribute.
Forward this to any person, copywriter, congressman and good eater you think will have an interest in this grave matter.

Send your suggestions to my FB Page,  Twitter or comment.

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