Thursday, October 27, 2011

Basically It’s Your Fault

I was always big on excuses. It is never my fault and I always know how to turn the heat around or convince in my innocents.
So I know I haven’t posted in a while but here are some excuses:
· I quitted my job so I was really happy for a week and happiness is bad for the writing and inspiration business
· I left my apartment so I had to pack / find who wants to take all my stuff
· I moved in with my parents where I became the IT/maintenance guy
· I had to disconnect from my mobile, TV, gas, water, network, cables providers which took a lot of energy and led to several mental breakdowns.
· Did I mention I moved in with my parents? (I’m 30 !!!)
· I had to pack all my stuff again for I’m leaving to New York
· Right now I’m in Barcelona and the Europeans has no public Wi-Fi anywhere
· So stop pressuring me cause it’s your pressure that keeps me from posting
· It’s all your fault
I love this character feature I have. Hope this change in my life won’t affect it.
As soon as I settle in NYC I’ll get back.
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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Cubical 007 or Tips For The Office “Nosy Parker”

call me on my extension

Information is power. No, this is not a CIA briefing but a simple set of tools to help you stay in touch with the “office current events”.

Most of us go to work with the sole purpose of surviving and make it through the week. For this you need to know what to expect. I was always a big fan of perfect information and minimizing the surprise factor.

We all know what a simple CV sent to HR can mean or a mail about a coming project needs to be done.
I recently left my job which concludes 5 years in a cubical. Everything here was written by blood and experience.

So, when it comes to “beating the punch” apply these rules and you are sure to have little surprises.

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