Saturday, October 23, 2010

Movie review – ‘The Town’

Don’t worry I’m not going movie critic on you. But when I see a movie I like or dislike I will try to share in a straight way.
I just got back from ‘The Town’, a movie directed by Ben Affleck. It is a great movie. The story is good, great action scenes (I bet he watched ‘Hit’ many times before) and great cast.
The surprises of the movie are:
a) Affleck in a great performance. I guess he can really pull it off anytime he’s in Boston
b) the beautiful and talented Rebecca Hall in a role that makes you wanna go out and robe banks just to meet her.
Blake Lively, which I adore and love, didn’t quite find herself in there and her role is unflattering. I mean, who talks like that really?
To sum up, not a must see but a great film.
I give it an 8 in my ‘worth your time’ scale.

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