Friday, November 11, 2011

7,000,000,000 and counting back

Last Halloween it was announced the word human population has surpassed the 7 billion people line.
For long it is being discussed that in the current rate of population growth we will not be able to support ourselves for much longer. Limited resources you know.
So as I and many see things, there are 2 main contingencies: either we completely change our way of life to a more sustainable one or, as it happened many times before, we need to bring our species back to a more reasonable number.

Assuming everybody would still want to drive their SUVs to the mall and back tomorrow and Paris Hilton won't move to a monastery, the population dilution is much more acceptable, oddly enough.
Usually it is nature (plague, volcano, earthquake, meteor) or human nature (war, too much junk food + not enough exercise) that do the work for us and wipes just enough people for us to continue buying sodas and hand creams.
The problem is usually most of the people who get hurt are hard working, good, productive individuals. It's much more reasonable to get rid of those who are a burden on our society in the first place. It sounds cold but so does winter with no heat.
So, in favour of the next mass extinction, I gathered a list of all people the regular Joe won't miss.
· People who stand too close to you in the ATM
· People who honk
· Cockblockers
· People who celebrate their birthday in expensive places
· Economists who tell us what's gonna happen
· Douchebags
· Call surveys
· Spammers
· Religious fanatics
· People who sits/stands next to you on the subway holding a full cup of coffee
· People who play air guitar on Enrique Iglesias songs
· People who throw stuff out the car window
· People who are cruel to animals
· Movers who breaks your stuff
· Re-gifters
· Drunk bus/truck drivers
· People who drives into an intersection although they're going to block it
· Drunk truth Sayers
· People with ABS
· Talk show hosts who tell you how to raise your kids and live your life
· Politicians
· Kids with Bentleys
· People who park like assholes
· People who buy SUVs to drive around the city
· People who give bad restaurant/hotel recommendation
· People who show you stupid YouTube clips (usually staring cats) 
I think I got us back to about 5,000 people in the world. Still much room for improvement but it’s a good start.
So who would you add?
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