Sunday, October 24, 2010

Everybody is just too good looking

Our neighborhood librarian
Everybody is good looking, TOO good looking.
I felt it for a while…

I started notice it last summer when I first went to the beach. Suddenly everybody around you looks like Brazilian lingerie models.

How did it happen? Is everybody doing something I’m not?
I find myself an attractive person and most of my friends are as well.
I am talking about the mass of good lookingness (yeah that’s right, it’s a word).

When we used to go out to a club or the beach a few years ago, there were always bunch of normal looking people and 8-9 really good looking ones. Today, there are lots of really good looking ones and 8-9 extremely good looking ones.

No matter where you go if it’s the gym, the park, the market, a birthday of your younger brother or a bingo night at the public center, there will be some lingerie models there.
Now don’t get me wrong, l LOVE lingerie models. But when everybody looks like one but you, it is starting to mess with your head.

I once read an article published by an American health organization. It stated that one of society’s biggest problems is that our food tastes too good… yeah, that’s right. This doctor told that 100 years ago, 50 years ago and even 15 years ago, food was good but it wasn’t so engineered for us to like it to infinity like today.
The fact that our food is TOO damn yummy makes us consume it as much as we can and no matter what we eat or how much, we always want more of it, and that, and a little bit of that also, and top it with a bit of that and that’s it… for now.

The same with appearances. 100 years ago, 50 years ago and even 15 years ago, it seemed marriages were more stable, cheating was not as common and single 30-40 year olds were a rare sight. These days, or “the era of the lingerie models”, 1 of every 3 marriages is ending with divorce, everybody cheats and 40 year old single people are as common as… well, it’s common. And it is all because the world has become a more tempting place where every corner seems to hold a promise for a better life.

I’m aware it’s probably the most superficial post your read lately. Well, lift some weights, put on your best clothes and go out. I bet you find more profound things out there.
Now if you excuse me I have to work out those abs and for dinner there’s a tomato with my name on it.

in the picture: the 2020 chess club

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