Thursday, October 27, 2011

Basically It’s Your Fault

I was always big on excuses. It is never my fault and I always know how to turn the heat around or convince in my innocents.
So I know I haven’t posted in a while but here are some excuses:
· I quitted my job so I was really happy for a week and happiness is bad for the writing and inspiration business
· I left my apartment so I had to pack / find who wants to take all my stuff
· I moved in with my parents where I became the IT/maintenance guy
· I had to disconnect from my mobile, TV, gas, water, network, cables providers which took a lot of energy and led to several mental breakdowns.
· Did I mention I moved in with my parents? (I’m 30 !!!)
· I had to pack all my stuff again for I’m leaving to New York
· Right now I’m in Barcelona and the Europeans has no public Wi-Fi anywhere
· So stop pressuring me cause it’s your pressure that keeps me from posting
· It’s all your fault
I love this character feature I have. Hope this change in my life won’t affect it.
As soon as I settle in NYC I’ll get back.
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