Thursday, October 28, 2010

Everyday dilemma – should I comment on my boss typos?

I guess everybody faced that dilemma. While a seat down with your boss to edit a cretain document, enter comments, delete paragraphs, debate on every word. And on some point my boss types something like: ‘deat sir, it was a pleasure to meet you last weel…’
Now, off course it is an honest mistake which could happen to anyone and it's 2 words in a 5 paragraph mail.
Should I correct him? How do I do that? ‘hammm… you miswrote week…’ like I know how to write it and he doesn’t.
Well, there is no right or wrong here I guess. Due to the volume of content we produce at my work place every day I stumble to the situation very often.
First, I implement the good old 80/20 rule at first. I let 20% of these things pass so it won’t seem like all I’m doing is correcting my boss.
So now I am left to deal with 80% of the typos.   I gently direct his attention to the problematic sentence: “sir, are you sure we met him last week? I remember meeting him 2 weeks ago”
And then he notices it on his own.
Second, I try to show initiative by asking to issue the mail on my part: “to share some of the work load, maybe I should contact him and continue the discussion” and so I have the chance to fix it before sending.
I know it sound like a small thing but this kind of everyday dilemmas appear out of the blue and we usually have to act fast.
One last thing, if you are one of the few people that… how should I say it gently?...  dislikes your boss. You can always ignore the typos and second before he sends them you can say “sir, the CEO asked to CC himself and all VPs on every mail issued to that client” power to the middle man!
Have a fantastic weekend everybody

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