Friday, December 16, 2011

Everyday Dilemma – Should I Stay at a Job I Hate Just for the CV?

It is not actually an everyday dilemma as much as a dilemma people face every day.

There are 2 major decisions in every man’s life: Who to merry and the choice of occupation.  But it seems there is a difference in the rules between them.

Every time I hear someone express his discontent from his work place, there is always one question that people ask first. “How long have you been working there?”
Any sound man will tell you that quitting a job before you’ve worked in a company for at least a year doesn’t look good on the resume, and that it’s better to suffer a bit more and after a year you may quit. At least you’ll have a year experience on your resume.

Naturally it is never what a person wants to hear. He wants to hear that if he is unhappy than he should quit and find something else that will make him happy.

It’s like telling someone he should keep dating a girl he doesn’t like because it looks bad to the other girls. Take me for example; Back in my days I had the name of a short-time dater. It never bothered anyone I was involved with but around me people used to joke on how it makes me look unserious.
My answer was always the same, I would tell them that because I am a serious guy who knows what he likes and what he looks for, I never waste my time or anybody else’s, when I know there is no future.  It is hard to be happy when you know there is something better for you out there.

Shouldn’t it be the same with jobs? Is it fair to my employer that I am staying just so I can quit a year later? Shouldn’t be considered as the right thing to do when I leave a place that makes me miserable? No! All that matters now is your CV.

If you look at the Regular Joe’s resume you would find that I have worked for 2 years in a very respectable company, later went ahead with some personal projects and later worked at a company for a year +.  Yet, every job interview starts with an interrogation that won’t shame the Taliban about my reasons for leaving each work place. Some job interviews revolve mostly around it. These are not easy questions and there is never a right answer. It seems that pursue of happiness is not an acceptable excuse any more.

I always give my dating metaphor and explain that I am looking for a work place where I can feel at home. I tell them I’m a smart, hard working guy but I have one major flaw; I work best when I’m happy. To work in a place that denies me of my happiness is just a waste of my talent. I declare that some time things just don’t work out and you shouldn’t enforce it.  But it is not a 100% proof answer. As I mentioned before, the best defense is offence and one of my objectives is to avoid that subject.

On a personal note, I have more respect for those who leave than to those who stay. It is easy said than done though.  In the current economy it is hard to find a job and the widespread belief is (at least around the family dinner table) if you have a job, you should stick to it. Even if you are unhappy.

If you read this post waiting for an answer at the end I hate to let you down. It all comes down to balls, support at home and savings. If you lack one of those, keep setting up the alarm and wait for the weekend.
Or just attach it to your CV before any interview.

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