Sunday, January 9, 2011


I love eating. A lot. For me there is no correlation between hunger and food. Much like the vague connection people like to make between fatigue and sleep. The same goes for sex and horniness.

With one difference, in sex you have a pleasure peak. A physical release that lets you know you may rest and your need is fulfilled. After that point you can relax and go on without it for a while. When I eat I never reach my pleasure peak.

Let me rephrase that, I never notice my pleasure peak. I'm constantly under the impression I can have one more bite.  I only know  I've gone too far when it's already too late and I can’t breathe or move.

There is no "Real-time" physical indication that lets us know we are satisfied  with our meal. 

Shouldn't be the other way around? How come nature creates a release from a positive desire and let you go wild with a much more fattening one?

Just imagine how wonderful it can be if, when full, you would feel a kind of gastro-orgasm. Than you can light up a cigarette and call a cab because you have an early meeting.

In the picture: Gastro-orgasm

I guess now many of you read this and think "off course you can feel full during the meal by eating slowly and chewing 32 times each bite". well, save it. This post is not for you.  As I said, I like to eat and in the house I grew up in (3 brothers), if you don't eat fast you don't eat.

There is also the more practical side to the matter. If people will eat only what they need than it is safe to assume we would need much less meat or fish. much less food will be imported and the price levels will be much more stable. The end for our wasteful way of life.

So here is a challenge for the scientific community / pharmaceutics industry / a really smart model.

It can be the next Viagra but for a much larger audience (no double meaning intended)

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