Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Weekly Joe – Push the Movement

In recent years we are witnessing a new kind of blogging called “curators”.
These guys know that no one can ever handle seeing all the cool things this world has to offer so they work for us to gather them into one place, usually with a dominant theme, for us to enjoy.

Tumblr has really helped to take it to the next level so in the coming weeks I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite curator’s blogs.

Push the Movement is definitely one of my favorites. Sometimes I just turn off my brain and let the images run in front of me. The Regular Joe loves to be woken up by some kind of stimulation. most of the time i'm just semi-sleeping (until it's time to go to sleep)

What is unique about Push the Movement are the sentences he posts here and there. I already spoke of my love for words and there are not many things that moves me like a well written sentence which says more than a 100 pages ever could.

If you want to see my attempts to write a good short sentence, check it out here.

Have a great week 

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