Saturday, December 10, 2011

Playboy, For The Articles - Retro Style

"I read Playboy for the articles" is one of the most worndown, used, corny sayings in the world. It’s been used in every sitcom, comedy,movie and what not.
Truth is Playboy does portrays or dictates in some way the times it lives in.

I must admit I don't always think about how much the world has changed since my childhood years and frankly it's a whole different world now. So when I saw at a flea market the Playboy issue from the month I was born at (June 1981) I knew I had to buy it and not for the nice nudeness of women old enough to be my mother.

Without too much words, check out how much the world has changed through some of the ads from Playboy June 1981:

The old bare shoulder on the cover - classic

Panasonic's latest car sound system

Capture all the great moments with this compact cam

For a men's man

Buy a Polaroid camera and get a cool watch for free

Volkswageb new road beasts

VIP gift guid - Video recorder or boom-box

Or the top of the line home PC machine

I know you remember this one, all my friends had this poster

Or read about Bond girl's from the latest "For your eyes only"

Cool right? all pics were taken with my iPad 2. Back in 81' only the Enterprise had one.

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