Monday, November 22, 2010

Small change can go a long way

Like everyone else on the bus, the street, family dinners or where ever, the regular Joe knows the best way to save the global economy. If you have a cousin on the Nobel Prize committee, I suggest you send him this mission statement now.

We all agree that privet spending will improve the economy. Let’s say I earn $1000 a month. I spend $700 on girls, cars and gambling and put $300 in a savings account. That’s nice. Off course I could spend the whole $1000 and allow the market to enjoy my full salary but then I wouldn’t save nothing. No girls and gambling for the retired Regular Joe then.

So how can you earn the same salary, save the same amount of dollars but still spend a little bit more?
Change!! Yeah, that’s right, change. I assume that as you read these lines you have at least $50-$30 worth of small change between your couch, a glass on the shelf and pants. Around the world there must be millions of dollars worth of small change unused just because some crazy people collect them in jars, leave them laying around or just don’t pay much attention to them. I used to be one of those people.

Since I was young I saved all the small pennies I had in a big can that says ‘Metallica’ on it. the plan was to pay a parking ticket with it some day. So when I wanted to get rid of that rusty can, I started to think of ways to spend all these coins with the most value to me and the global economy.

So gather all your small change (you don’t have to count it) and pick which option suits you the most.

Make a call on a pay phone - nobody uses payphones any more. If you have to call someone it can be   very nostalgic and nice. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to make a prank call to someone without him recognizing the number.
Give it to a homeless guyhow many homeless people you pass each day? Take everyday a small amount of change and give it to someone. It would make you feel good and trust they will find something to do with it.

Buy a candythat’s always nice.

Vending machinesthat’s the way I used my small change. Just go to vending machine and spend all your small change there. It’s so much fun to get back home with some sodas and stuff.

Tips - so you’re not Richie Rich but you can still tip the waiter or the bartender a few more dimes every time.

Charitytake your small change and drop it to charity boxes you see in every store. Help comes one cent in a time.

There are many more ways to get your change back into the money cycle. Remember, it is money.
Where I come from we have a saying that a man who doesn’t pike a dime is not worth a dime.

If I don’t get a Nobel for it it’s ok. I’m used to be ignored by the academy.

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