Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The weekly Joe - Design Milk

Regular ≠ Average

Sometimes the Regular Joe is being confused with the average Joe.  I totally disagree with that statement. I never thought of myself to be average and I don’t think anyone who might be reading this is.

If you have a computer and 4 walls around you, you are defiantly not average and are better off than most people on Earth.

We all have our interests and cultural world regardless of our education or economics state.

I know nothing about psychology but I don’t let it bother me while spending most of my time criticizing other people’s behavior or I can’t draw a straight line but I still can appreciate architecture or design.

I don’t consider myself a heavy internet user but I do like finding out new, cool stuff without it taking too much of my time. So I did manage to become efficient in reading and finding the content I like the most.

IM my PIN #

I guess what really bugs me is sitting with my younger brother who is now 22 years old and find out that for him internet = Facebook + whatever his friends sends him to his Blackberry.  There is so much out there and it’s a shame not to check it out at least. 

By the way, I’m pretty sure my brother won’t read this also so please IM it to his PIN number or whatever it’s called.

So each week I’ll send out “The weekly Joe” where I’ll share some cool website, blogs and tools on the web.  From one amateur to another.

If you are not a reader of this blog but still wish to enjoy “The weekly Joe” please write me at and you will be mailed once a week.

Your RSS reader

When I am invited to a dinner, many times I consider the table setting as important as the food itself.  It should be inviting, easy to use and accommodating to the event.

The same with information, the medium of presentation is just as important as the content itself. If you wish to keep up with multiple website on a regular basis, you should first find a good RSS reader.

This is not a tech blog so I won’t get into the whole “what is RSS” discussion. I’ll just say that I use the “Google Reader” which is awesome and easy to use. Anybody with a Google account can use it. If not, there are many RSS readers out there so just find the one you fancy.

Each time you encounter a website or a blog you like to keep up with, just add it to your RSS reader and you are set. You may start by adding the regular Joe RSS feed.

Design Milk

I like to introduce Design Milk. It’s a great online design magazine covering modern design. It talks of art, architecture, interior design and more.  It is easy to use, get updated frequently and has a killer look on the iPad’s Flipboard app.

Expect a slight depression at first when realized it is impossible to have everything on the site, but after a while you grow up and find comfort by looking at the pretty pictures.

Enjoy and have a beautiful weekend. 

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