Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dual Shower head

June!!! My good friend, Good to have you here. Oh I’ve waited long time for you to come. The summer, the beach, the surf, the daiquiris, the clothes, the fruits, sunglasses, colors, minimum clothing and an overall good feeling.

Of course nothing comes without a price attached. With the summer comes the heat (oh the heat!), sweat, sand stuck in each body crack from the beach, sticky fingers and the seafood market smell in your car.

There is no question showers are doubling their importance come summer time. So what can be better than doubling your shower power or, the way the tech world likes to call it, Dual Shower Power (marketing 101).

I love to get as many things done in the shower; shave, brush my teeth, wash my wetsuit and much more. Usually the regular shower head can’t answer my needs and it always makes me to choose how to use the water flow (as much as I love to couple-shower I always end up freezing in the corner while my girlfriend takes forever to wash her hair). I find myself putting it between my legs (as pleasant as it is) just to soap myself for a minute. Very not 21st century.

The In2ition shower, designed by Manki Yoo, is the ultimate solution. It has 2 basic positions; merged in the center for a strong drench or, for the shower multitaskers, the center detaches and allows you to treat yourself more specifically.

This is not Amazon or anything but you can get it here

So grab a towel and go wash yourself stinky. 

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