Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Weekly Joe - BuzzFeed

Warning: do not pass this post to your mom.

I already stated my opinion about the whole “web lingo” surrounding us lately like “Viral is good” or “I like the Tibetan monks protest”.
Unfortunately it didn’t go viral like I planned (reverse psychology fail).

It’s very common to open your inbox to find a few dozen mails from your mom, friends, grandmother, boss, co-workers and others you just gave them your mail years ago, with various pictures of cats, Lady Gaga parodies or jokes written in huge fonts. 

You can never prepare for the moment when you get a “nip-slip” clip from your mom.

Consider the last 2 paragraphs a warning for what I about to introduce you to is a “forwarders” heaven.
BuzzFeed is basically a curator of all things going, about to go or should go viral on the web.

Just clean up real good before, it’s viral.

Have a great week

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