Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Entrepreneurship / Entrepreneurshit

I am the greatest entrepreneur in the world.

No, it’s true I am. Every day I think of an idea that can fix the world in 5 simple steps. Save the world and make a billion dollars.

So yeah, I’m the perfect business man, idea person, overall brilliant you would ever meet.

Everybody wants to be an Entrepreneur. Nobody wants to make it in Hollywood anymore. The dream is to make it on TechCrunch and dine with the president in Silicon Valley.
We all have brilliant, million dollar ideas every day.  We got it all figured out on our way to the top of the world.

Self serendipity

Every person will smartly state that the social revolution led to each individual becoming a brand. We spend all day taking care for the image of our brand while trying to think of the next Facebook.

What we sometimes forget is that we are the most important project we will ever build. As the time dictates we should think like the founder/CEO of the multi-billion enterprise that we are. With the position comes great responsibility.  You should choose your partners carefully, screen your employees and make life changing decisions on a daily basis.

The CEO never sleeps, never takes a vacation and never stops thinking about work, not when you are leading that kind of operation.

As I mentioned I’m in the midst of a crisis following me turning 30. During my soul searching I discovered I took a long vacation and because of that I’ve been running without my CEO for a while. Not many know this but when a man turns 30 he gets a report card in the mail grading his life achievements. Don’t get me wrong. I’m doing ok. Even better than ok. I’m doing great. But I have no doubt I could have done much better. Thanks to my natural talent I managed pretty well for running on auto-pilot for a while.

Well here I am, back from my vacation! I’ll stop thinking about the next Facebook and start acting like the boss is here. Under the right management I’m sure something great will happen.


Sorry I couldn’t help it…

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