Sunday, June 5, 2011

The weekly Joe – Business Insider

If your name is Warren Buffet or Donald Trump this post is not for you. Actually Donald, you should read this.

The world is a mess for the past few years (for the past 8,000 years to be exact). Since the 2008 crisis I can never be sure if we are doing good or bad. The unemployment is up but the GOP is rising, the stocks are crashing but energy ETFs are on the rise, everybody say this is the year for commodities and everybody say it’s the year it will crash.

So no one really knows what is going on or what will happen. Big surprise. 

What I love about Business Insider is that it processes all this information into readable, easy going articles. It’s maybe not the top business blog out there but it is definitely ranks in the top 10 on my list.

Its uniqueness lays on its simple language, its wide range coverage, the balance between quick updates and in-depth analysis and the great articles they aggregate from top tech, finance and politics writers.

Amid all the heavy and serious topics you can always count on posts like “Tech flops of 2011” or “America wildest party hotels”. Useful stuff.

So, if you feel like coming prepared to your next dinner party just read “10 things you need to know this morning” but if you want to make your investment manager know you are not just an ignorant patsy (although you are probably are) you may catch up on the Greece crisis or the Chinese rise and fall.

So get to business!!!

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