Friday, November 4, 2011

Have Some Self Awareness

So, as I’m sitting at the gate waiting for my flight to take me to NYC after my weeklong visit to Barcelona, I decided to sharpen my knowledge on U.S. current affairs so I’ll be up to date and know what’s going on at my next destination (always a good idea).
There is no better way to get a flash “what’s up 101” course than to read the business section. It is known worldwide American banks are not the most popular right now and I was just finishing reading this post on business insider explaining why Bank of America is probably the most hated organization nationwide for chasing away customers who tried to close their accounts in protest, debit cards fees, foreclosing on active duty troops and extreme layoffs among others.
Just add all this to the general anti-bankers atmosphere in the U.S, right now and imagine my surprise when I lifted my eyes from the article and caught a glimpse at this guy or more accurately, his bag…

Please forgive the pic quality. I was after a night of Halloween party and it looked alright when I took it.
Not only he walks around with his B of A bag but it says “Home Loans”!!! These guys are the worst right??!!
I mean, have you heard about Occupy Wall-Street? These guys would love your bag.
So that’s my wakeup call before America. Storm troopers walk around with matching bags here.
Sounds like The Regular Joe can find his place here.
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