Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bed Bath & Bla Bla Bla

Each time I go to a flea market I get the feeling there's already enough things in the world for everyone to use forever to the point where we can just stop making things.
There's enough chairs, clothes, lamps, pillows, napkins rings, paper, bottles. Just by opening the closets at my grandmother's you know there's enough plates and glasses to cater Armageddon.

In my last post I stated the fact that in order to maintain our current way of life we should either, remove unwanted members from our society or, change some aspects of our life and stop consuming crap.

@Occupy Trend
Basically it is newspapers, TV and media (and French people) who invented something called ''trends''. These ''trends'' is what makes us buy new clothes every season and replace our napkins rings. Trend later give back to the media by buying ads so they can keep making us feel what we have now is bad or ''untrendy''.

From a short ride on the subway and visiting a five floor furniture store I realize none of my suggested solutions won't be applied anytime soon.

That is ok. I too usually have a hard time listening to advice as right and important as it may be.

I realized there is more chance people will try to improve small parts of their lives before grabbing torches and hunting down douchebags.
You can start by looking at the stuff you throw away and think of cool ways to reuse it before sending it to the curve or throwing them out.

For example, instead of buying a stupid 30$ bowl at Crate & Barrel you can use your laundry machine door. As show here at casa del Joe:

Now you have a cool piece, girls will love you, you will be thin and fabulous and the important part, you just saved the world from more trash lying around somewhere.
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