Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What does the weatherman know?

Morning, I just woke up, not sure if I am dreaming still. Was I dreaming? Something with a jet-ski maybe? It’s gone.
O.k. now I’m up, it is time to start the day.

Right now, in the dark, closed room my mood is completely neutral. I am a bit sad I have to wake up but it’s irrelevant for this feeling follows me around wherever I go. My senses are back and the conscious is beginning to gain control back from the unconscious. 

So here I am, standing in the dark, rubbing my eyes and stretching my arms. Nothing goes through my mind while I prepare for one of the day’s most important events; opening the window.

 The first look outside will determine my initial mood for the day. If it’s a sunny day and I can leave my jacket at home then I'm stoked. But if it’s raining or about to rain my mood drops like a prom queen with herpes.

My spidey sense says a storm is coming. Or not.

It makes me feel pathetic whenever I realize how much my mood is affected by the weather.
I'm like a rice farmer or something.
It gets so bad that sometimes I find myself shouting at the weatherman like it was a football game (“no!! What are you doing!!!! Don’t bring these clouds over my house!!!”).
Off course the weatherman has no control over the weather and he is just reporting it. Let me rephrase that. He reports his guess on the weather. No guaranty ever. Much like a stock broker.

The weather is determined by endless amount of variables; an ocean current, ice caps melting, pressure, temperature, butterflies flocking their wings.  It is not called ‘Chaos’ for nothing. One day it’s sunny and on the next it’s back to the Ice-age. Every small change may cause huge ripples.

We all just recently experienced the devastating hand of the weather in Japan and the U.S. while we stood by helpless in front of its strike.

I ask you, is it wise to let such unpredictable and ever changing element to determine my mood? Probably not. It’s similar to be standing next to a roulette table and if the ball drops on an even number = happy, odd number = sad. It’s a ridiculous thought.

“Rain is a good time for flowers”

Every man and woman is a planet, an independent eco-system with atmosphere, core, sunsets, floods, earthquakes, fires and seasons. Some experience a few seasons in one day, some supports a rich wildlife (like the guy sitting next to me on the bus).

                                                         Hey, wanna grab a drink?

Each time we get into a relationship with someone and allow this someone to affect us, we bound our mood to the unpredictability of his/hers nature.
Floods may appear from nowhere and wash everything away, volcanos may erupt despite your sacrifice to the volcano god, and earthquake can hit your calm shores, leaving only radioactive water where nothing can live.
And you can never blame the weatherman. Not even in a stupid pop song.

Every time I’m meeting my girlfriend it is like opening the window in the morning.
Waking up to my love’s smile has the same effect as a sunny day. When it’s raining that’s when the problems start.
But where did the rain come from? Only this morning I got nothing but smiles. What could I do to prevent this rain? Or at least prepare for it?
Probably nothing, it has nothing to do with me, I only get wet. Pathetic, right?

So why do we keep doing these mistakes? Giving such an arbitrary and distractive element like another person to control our mood?
Would you build your house in a hurricane / floods / earthquakes stricken place?

                                                                         Honey! what's for dinner?

Perspective time

In a relationship there are disasters from time to time. And like floods or earthquakes, you can’t really prepare for it.
If you keep watching the horizon, looking for storm clouds, you would find yourself living in constant fear holding a flashlight under the doorpost.

But it’s o.k. it is part of the thing called being a couple. In the closed room there is always a 50% chance it is raining outside but we still open the window every day.  The alternative is sitting in the dark trying to remember a dream we once had (who may or may not contain a jet-ski).

Most men who survived a storm are in no hurry to leave their home where they lived all their life, although it’s in the shape of rubble.
They built it once and they will do it again. Better.

Sometimes it is just a rainy day. So dress warm, grab an umbrella and go to work because it won’t rain forever.

But keep in mind; if the floods and earthquakes just keep on coming, run to the hills. There is no future here.

Stay safe and dry

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