Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Airlines Logic or 1+1≠2

I love reading science and tech papers. People are doing amazing things all over the world; Reaching the speed of light, making fuel of droppings and bananas ,educating the developing world and much more. Just when I think we are making some kind of progress as a species I get to fly.

I did encountered a new phenomena in this trip though. 

After the tempetures continued to drop at NYC I decided to move myself to warmer grounds. I packed most of my worldly belongings in one suitcase so I knew it was heavy and was prepared to pay the overweight with a sense of understanding.
But when the ground crew lady calmly told me I need to pay 400$ for my overweight I was sure it's a joke. The flight ticket cost less then that.

Now get this, there was option B. the ground crew suggested I'll buy another bag, move some weight around and then just pay 40$ for a second bag..
That's how I felt..
Confused.. 1+1=40 and 2=400 ?

I fight with weight all my life and from summer to summer but I was never more aware of my overweight like in that moment.

One bag with overweight is 400$ and 2 bags with the same total weight is 40$??!!

I just need an answer. Some reason that brings some sense to this crazy parallel universe called airlines.
Please, I beg of you, if you know anyone in the airline business, a pilot, a flight attendant, someone.. Pass this post to them.

One last thought. Don't buy an apartment, don't go to college, don't get vaccines. Just save for a privet jet. My new must have item for the free man.

"Look at me now Continental !"

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