Sunday, April 15, 2012

MTA Tribute or Take Me

As a native to a non-subway city when I came to New-York I couldn’t get enough of it. Well… I couldn’t get enough of it at first until I had enough.

But every ride was very educating. I think in any given time the subway represents the exact distribution of mankind. It’s like a small UN.

More than any social network, the public transportation system’s main goal is to connect people the best way it can. Of course there’s much to improve still but I always had some insight while cramming myself between a sea of sweaty people trying to fit in a shoe box.

What I realized is that every person is going to a different place for a different purpose but we still meet here sitting across from each other. It sounds a bit mundane but I love it.  

To thank the MTA for all those nice moments, I introduce to you here my campaign for the NYC public transportation system. 

Everybody is going somewhere

Take me to the money

Take me home

Take me to bed

Take me away
Take me to my love

Just take me
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Have a safe ride

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