Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Slang II

On my last ‘New Slang’ post I introduced “send me the link” and “Buffering” terms as a way to express yourself in a short phrase taken from the cyber world. This one is very much alike.
I believe that a good slang is measured by its ability to deliver your intentions in the shortest way possible.
BCC, or Blind Carbon Copy, is used to describe the practice of sending a correspondence to multiple recipients in a way that conceals them from being displayed as such.  
Joe’s definition
We commonly find ourselves in the role of secret keepers. If we hold a secret and want to share it with a confidant, we usually begin at 15 minutes lecture of “you can’t tell anyone, you can’t even act as if you know”  
If a cretin someone wish to share a sensitive information with his friend but in the same time make it clear that it is a secret for his ears only he declares it as BCC. (You may call it the 21st century version of Seinfeld’s vault)
Sienna Miller – “I have to tell you something but I’m putting you on BCC”
Me – “Got it. My lips are sealed”

These phrases should be used wisely. When said in an ill-mannered fashion they may lead to a conflict.
If any of the readers have any more originals they want to share, The Regular Joe will add it to the dictionary.
Have a great week

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