Thursday, December 22, 2011

Infographic – How Happy I am According to Wi-Fi Reception

I've been talking a lot about the influence the digital world has on our everyday life and about our right for happiness and… stuff.

I can talk and complain till kingdom comes (in a non religious way) but I'm a victim just like the average Joe (not to be confused with the Regular Joe).

I recently moved to NYC and was surprised to find out the Wi-Fi availability well… sucks!!

Once I'm surrounded by 2 walls and a window from any direction I have no cell reception not to speak of internet access. I know… America and Africa don't just sound similar.

I found out that while eliminating all other factors effecting my immediate level of content,  those little moon-shaped bars representing Wi-Fi reception has a linear effect on my "happy happy joy joy" level.

I know… too deep to swallow.

To make it easier to understand I made my first ever infographic:


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