Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1X3 coffee table

Looking back on some of my past posts you might think I’m trying to write a design blog. You might also think I’m a 5 year old trying to let you know what I like or hate or love or want.
The truth is I don’t know much about design or architecture. All I know is that sometimes I’m really moved by a product, a living room or a building. It makes me glad to know talented people use their talent to design a world who better suit people like me.
I have a strong notion that we should constantly strive to improve and better our way of life, Espier to simplify our lives and let go of the 40’-80’ idea of “big and gold is good”. It is quite clear we are not there yet. So when I hear of a way to solve one small problem the Regular Joe is facing in his everyday life, it gets me excited.
Just wanted to get it out of the way. So now I can continue sharing things I like without the overwhelming pressure of criticism.
The “1X3” coffee table is a perfect example of what I digg. Designed by Petar Zaharinov, it is constructed of 3 wood beams and a glass top. The beams slide to interlock together with no need of nails or glue whatsoever.

I guess I love it so much because my mother could buy it, take it home and build it without calling me once for help.

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