Monday, August 29, 2011

The weekly Joe – The Regular Joe (me!!!)

To celebrate my one year birthday, this week’s “weekly Joe” is dedicated to (drum roll please)… me.

 I am in no way implying that the Regular Joe was born a year ago. I track the birth of R.J. to the first time a man woke up on Monday morning to go to work or found things don’t go the way he wanted or that he paid too much on something stupid he will never use.

The main assumption I had in mind while writing the first few words of this blog was:

a. I am not special.
b. I have some things bothering me and I want to say stuff about them.
c. If I am not special and things bother me, there must be some other people out there dealing with the same issues.
d. I am not good looking enough to make it only by my looks.

It’s a great triumph for the R.J. to start something and not quit after a week or two. To hold a commitment for a year without even noticing it is not an everyday thing for me and I learned a lot about myself during that year. If only I could implement the same vigor to other aspects of my life I could have had a Nobel prize, an Oscar, a Tony and best “on screen kiss” award.
Via Flipboard

I had a hard time promoting myself through blog directories or any site who asks you to categorize and sub-categorize yourself. How can a man categorize his thoughts? Sports? Design? World news? Relationships???

 So to round up all the ways you can follow and interacted with the Regular Joe: My Twitter (@theregjoe), FB page (also looks great of Flipboard), Google+, Digg, RSS or just check in here once in a while. Yes I know, I’m all over the place.

So back to business, the Regular Joe basically has no one subject or purpose. It is only a guy who writes ok, not a professional blogger or professional anything for that matter and just publish, and do whatever comes to mind. It’s fun.

Have a great week and may we have a great year.

Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting and thank you for communicating.

To the Regular Joe is the world!

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