Sunday, August 7, 2011

The weekly Joe – Things Organized Neatly

The regular Joe is a neat person or so I try to be. Most of the fights I have with Miss Joe are about order and things laying around the house.  

I still remember my grandfather walking around the house at 4am, straightening the carpets. since then I admire the pursue to neatness in a man

My motto is “an organized desk makes an organized thought” and I never fail to mention it to those who build folder towers in their work place.

That is why I love Things Organized Neatly so much. Although it brings back to my army days a bit it shows the way stuff should always be presented.

It is just a moment of Zen and an alternative way to look at our everyday stuff.

So next time you fix up a meal or pack a bag, try to organize it this way first and take a picture. Maybe I’ll manage to turn you all into organized people and eliminate the mess in the world.

If anyone has the bag in the bottom left corner, let me know

They even have a store where you can purchase some of the things presented.

Be sure to check it out just to get things in order.

Have a neat week

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