Sunday, August 14, 2011

The weekly Joe – The Brokers with Hands on Their Faces Blog

I had the this week’s Weekly Joe ready for days now but at the last minute I decided to change it so you won’t think the Regular Joe is oblivious to current events

It is no secret the world economy has gone a bit coocoo these past few months and no one really know what’s going on.

It seems every time we fix something or get good news it only leads to a hundred more problems.

I love reading all those analysts saying what should be done or who’s to blame and then go on to say the complete opposite on the next day.  Trusting an analyst is much like trusting the weatherman, it’s all good and well but take an umbrella anyways.

Many people blame wall streeters and bankers for the current situation but we should realize that the economy is made out of us, the people buying and selling stuff and what we are willing to do or give up. In a thousand years when they’ll teach about the economic meltdown of 2018, they will try to understand how people in such bad shape kept living like there is no tomorrow and care mostly about who wore who on the red carpet.

Seeing our “financial supervisors” look with grim face to the red screens has become a more than common sight so when my friend (@stefman) introduced me to this Brokers with Hands on Their Faces Blog I just thought it was the right thing in the right time.  It gives a more human angle to the headlines and my heart goes out to these people who see everything fall in real-time. 

Have a green screens week

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