Friday, May 6, 2011

Take the blue pill and shut up

Everybody thinks they’re something something. It is embedded in our nature to think we are the center of the world. A quick survey suggests that most of us truly believe a person cease to exist the minute he leaves our sight.

So first allow me to burst your bubble, I am the center of the world. If Lindsay Lohan gets drunk and smashes her car - it is for my entertainment, when Dicaprio has a new film - it is for me to watch, and off course my jumping around in front of the TV effects Wayne Rooney’s game. And don’t even get me started on the Victoria’s Secret show.

So if I am the center of the world and don’t take myself so seriously then neither should you.

I recently came back from vacation and got some heat about my foursquare check-in habits. “Why do you want people to know where you are all the time?” or my favorite “I don’t want apple and Google to follow me and gather information about me”. And you know the “you can take a picture but don’t tag me” guys? They are the best.

Now tell me really, who gives a damn??!!

Why do you think these huge companies or the general society cares what YOU do and where YOU are?

I know that when I use my foursquare check-in it is just, in the worst case scenario, a short line in someone’s Facebook feed that will be forgotten a second later. I really don’t think anyone I know is that into me to follow me around, and the people who do know me can just pick up the phone and I’ll reveal my location without a fight. Foursquare is a cool game for me and that is it (and a potential alibi for the police).

Neo is now the mayor of Eddie's bar
Neo, you are the one

I really don’t think Google is following me around. You are not Neo. Whoever is crazy enough to think he is being followed I guess he has something to hide. Like his pills. Me?, what do I care if Google knows where I am or what I watch?
At the end I’m a small IP number that is attributed to an account that is translated into data that, along with other millions like me, being processed into something. I enjoy on-line services very much and I won’t withhold myself of them only because someone from my high school thinks it’s uncool or Apple will send the i-Licopter (Apple’s next helicopter) to hunt me down.

Just like I don’t care if the grocery store delivery guys probably knows what I’m going to eat for dinner before I do. or should I start shopping for milk in one store and my super-flakes in another.

So stop pretending you are walking on the fine line of coolness and get over yourself.

You have a Facebook account, you probably have a smart phone of some sort and you visit other websites besides bible groups.

Stop being paranoid and enjoy what life has to offer.
I choose the blue pill.

Google – just send my fee to my current location. You know where it is.

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