Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Weekly Joe – The Awesomer

I previously presented myself as an up-beat slang authority. Off course slang is evolving everyday and as hard as I try to keep up with it, I find myself struck and dazzled each time I spend 5 minutes with my younger brother and his friends. I can understand their language but their intentions escape me.

Up until 2 years ago I have never used the word ‘awesome’. I'm not an American but I quickly learned ‘awesome’ comprises about 25% of the American language (the rest 75% is ‘Omygod’).

For you non-Americans, ‘awesome’ basically means: cool, great, lovely, yes, off-course, I love you, I can’t believe what I’m seeing and everything else we consider to be good.

The Awesomer is a website dedicated exactly for those things. There is no one guideline and the only thing in common with all the posts is that they are all… well, awesome.
It posts daily and sourced from all over the web to bring the coolest stuff out there.

Enjoy and have an excellent week

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