Sunday, July 31, 2011

The weekly Joe – Glassdoor

Each and every one of us is constantly worried about his career. It is very rare to find someone who is absolutely pleased with his current occupation, status, salary or general work vibe.  We carry around this Jerry Mguire feeling that something is not right but usually nothing happens.

The regular Joe himself is in a bit of a crossroad in his professional life and is trying to have the nerve to take the plunge (NASA this is your chance – I have steady hands and I never get sick)

From a quick look up through my LinkedIn connections list, I know a lot of very successful people which hold, what can only be called, dream positions in well respected companies. But still, if you scroll down just enough, you get to this section where each user tells us his interests and there I always come across these lines: Interested in: career opportunities, Job inquiries.

Why would these people want to hear about career opportunities when they have a job I would kill for?

I previously compared between job interviews and first dates and now I would like to deepen the connection. Just as we always look at other women (and men) even when in a happy relationship, the same goes for jobs. Everybody thinks everybody else got a better deal and we are afraid to miss out.

We use social networks to bring some order to the mess and find as much information as we can about people we are interested in and then prioritize them by our criteria. The same goes for houses in real estate websites and now we have Glassdoor for our career.

This community is a complete information tool for anyone who is thinking about a career change, looking for a job, move up, go down or is just interested in how much money each of his friends is making.

It has job listings, interview tips by sectors, company reviews, office pictures and much more.

So before your trip to HR, try it

Have a life changing week you all

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