Sunday, July 24, 2011

The weekly Joe – All That Is Interesting


Like the next guy I love bringing down douche bags in a conversation. Mainly it means let them speak about things they know nothing about for an hour and then silence them with 2 words showing what a waste of time it was to listen to them. But that’s just me.

You never know when the next encounter with a douche bag will be and what he will talk about so you must always refresh your knowledge with current affairs and general knowledge.



One of the best resources for interesting stuff you won’t read about in any other place is All that is interesting.

I find it a bit similar to my blog as I started it just so I’ll have a place to post everything that I am interested in without focusing on one subject. So every post is a surprise that can take you to temples in India or graffiti in London.


So learn something and have a great week

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