Friday, July 8, 2011

Change to over-drive

Last month I posted a quote by Groucho Marks who’s hanging on my bathroom door (the quote off course, not Marks)

The exact opposite of it can be found at Ezekiel 18:2 saying “The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge”

If you read even a small sample of my posts you might have noticed I observe the world with the most critical view. I’m working on that but until I’ll solve the matter you may enjoy my rambling about the wrongness surrounding us.

I once was fortunate enough to attend a lecture by one of the most interesting scientists of our time, Ray Kurtzweil, which asked the crowed to imagine everyday stuff like internet, grocery stores or clothing and think of how it should have been done if you were to invent them today.

Unfortunately for me and everyone around me, I adopted this way of thinking to the extreme and I constantly think about what is wrong with everything and of ways to fix it.
In the next few posts I will give you my opinion about some of the norms and rules we take for granted but are fundamentally wrong.

Grandma on wheels

Somewhere in the beginning of the century (last century) when Henry Ford started to mass produce automobiles it was his vision to allow any man and woman who can afford it and is in the right physical condition, to own a car and drive.

Due to that historical misconception, having a driving licence is a natural steppingstone of growing up. Today almost every person starts his career of the road early on and ends it only when he loses his sight and sometimes not even then.

Let us think about it for a minute. Driving is power. You get into a machine that weighs about a ton and travels in high velocity while our evolutional instincts don’t fit to it at all. It takes a lot of skill, coolness, discipline and attention to drive without something horrible happens to you or by you.

But still, somehow it is clear to everybody that we should all drive.
If I were to invent driving today I would allow only a selected few to drive considering 99% of all people become complete idiots once they get behind the wheel.

It is remarkable to me that my grandmother (god bless her soul) gets up every day, get into a car and drive. I twist and turn every night just worrying about it.


Just imagine how great it was if only 1% of all people, after going through a screening process, were allowed to drive. As done with jets or spaceships.

Our streets would be much quiet and safe, traffic would be a ghost story and public transportation would have to be perfected to the max and affordable due to its necessity.

I’m not even going to drop statistics about death tolls, ruined families and eco affects.

Just remember driving is a privilege. Don’t take it for granted, don’t abuse it, take the bus now and then and for the love of god stop honking all the time!

Drive safely and watch out for my grandma

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