Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The regular Joy – Nothing Pro

My name is Joe and I’m an Android user. I’m proud of it and in this post I will demonstrate why Android users are way cooler than the rest.

An app developer named Nir Yaniv has published a 0.99$ Android app called Nothing. It does nothing really.

But that wasn’t enough for him. Recently he issued the Nothing Pro for 9.90$. I can tell you about it but it is written so well in the app store so I’ll just quote it:

App screenshot
This is a PRO version of our NOTHING application! It is lighter in size, easier on both the memory and the CPU, and it does Nothing way more smoothly and efficiently than the regular consumer version.
Why nothing, then? Well, how many times have you paid nothing and got something back? Now we offer you a unique opportunity: pay something and get Nothing back! 

This application does absolutely Nothing. By purchasing it you will help us prove that Nothing is indeed worth Something. And with Nothing Pro, you prove that Nothing is worth even MORE!

It requires Android version of 2.2 and up.

Oh man, It cracks me up every time I read it

Now funny aside, I do believe there’s a deeper meaning that gets lost in all the humor. Just today I spoke about the fact that I’m surrounded by screens all day long.  I’m in front of the PC screen at work, when I take a break I’m playing with my phone, when I get home I’m back in front the computer or TV and to bed I take my blond iPad (it’s white but I treat it like it's blond).
So I would gladly pay to make one of these screens stop beaming info and images to my head for a few minutes for it seems I'm not strong enough to shut it on my own. Wouldn't you?

yes I know the irony of you reading it now on a screen but that's OK.

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