Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hang no more or best hangover medicine

*the writer is not a certified doctor and the mentioned advice is derived from experience alone and is not recommended for everyone.

Back in the days I managed a rich drinking career mainly for I was bartending in one of those places that celebrated drinking as a legitimate occupation.
I am not an alcoholic or I never known one who fits the description but I am surrounded but what you might call “leisure drinkers” who just want to test their limits now and then.

There is no doubt in my mind that alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs out there. It makes most people act like jerks and disables a person from performing the simplest tasks.
Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t a day goes by without the regular Joe has a cold one but I know my limits (learned the hard way) and it took me a few spinning rooms and hangover mornings to know I can go without it.

The post title is a bit misleading for once you went too far down the bottle nothing will help you. Not water, not bread, garlic, olives or any other supplements people try just to stop the room from spinning.
Many claim to have various exotic potions or ways to take the edge out of the hair of the dog. That's bull crap

So you had that one drink too much, you start to feel like shit and you have to wake up tomorrow for class or an important meeting. In short you want to turn back the wheel.

A few years ago, when I faced the same problem after a great night I might add, my bar manager took me down to the kitchen and implemented his “trouble free” method on my drunken ass and it worked like magic.

I never had to use it again since but I do use it on other people here and then. I must warn you it is unpleasant and not everyone can do it. The basic principal of the method is that the toxins in the alcohol remain in your body long after the alcohol affect is gone so you must purge yourself from those toxins before they sink in.

  1. Calm yourself and stop drinking
  2.  Find a friend who you trust and is not wasted
  3. Take 1.5 L worth of water with you to a secluded location (toilet preferred)
  4. Unbutton your shirt or lift it up a bit to refresh and breath better 
  5. Start drinking the whole water as fast as you can. Try not to throw it up during
  6. When finished the 1.5 L wait 1-2 minutes
  7. After 2 minutes bend over and start to throw up the water you drank by stimulating the uvula (above the tongue) with your finger 
  8. Try to vomit all the water you just drank without vomiting any food
  9. After finishing you would feel a bit better but sick and dirty. Relax, breath and drink small portions of water.
  10. Repeat 4-8
  11. Remember that feeling the next time you think of ordering another drink
  12. Be cool
If you have any funny drinking stories, use the cdomments section to share and have great night

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